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Buy Yin Yang Emblems Online: Experience Balance and Harmony in Your Life

Posted by jackmark0245 on July 20th, 2016

Finding balance in our lives is critical if we are to lead a satisfied and happy life. Be it professionally, in personal life, amongst friends or even our love life, achieving balance is the key. The Chinese philosophical concept of Yin Yang is often implemented by people from across the world to seek balance. The concept is used to describe how seemingly opposite are naturally interconnected, intertwined and interdependent. In fact, the entire Chinese philosophy seems to have emanated from the concept of Yin Yang.

The concept of Yin Yang doesn’t just end there, finding reference in Chinese Cosmology as the principle of two opposite but complementary principles that regulate the functioning of the cosmos. And as found in a famous phrase in the Book of Changes (Yijing), “One Yin and one Yang, this is the Dao,” there is a continuous alternation of Yin and Yang within the cosmos. The Dao represents unity, with Yin and Yang contained in the Dao itself. According to Cantong Qi (The Seal of the Unity of the Three), “Yang endows, Yin receives, the masculine and the feminine attend one to the other.” When one prevails, the other yields; as one reaches its height, it begins to wane and the other begins its ascension. With Yin Yang possessing the power to introduce balance and harmony into our lives, more and more people are thronging the internet to buy Yin Yang emblems online. But before buying one yourself, it’s prudent to know some of the famous Yin Yang symbols and what they mean:

Classic Yin Yang Symbol: The basic Yin Yang symbol represents perfect harmonic balance in everything in life, also stressing on the necessity of balance in everything.
Yin Yang Lotus Symbol: Another popular Yin Yang symbol is the Yin Yang enclosed in a lotus, and is a powerful symbol. The Lotus is known as the holy seat of the Buddha in Buddhism, thus depicting purity as the Buddha remains uncorrupted from the mud. This symbolizes perfect harmony in your life, as you remain untainted from everything that is bad.
Yin Yang Eye Symbol: The symbol of Yin Yang Eye is used to symbolize focus on balance and harmony — both internally and externally.

The Yin Yang emblems will help you bring balance into your life, introducing a sense of calmness and harmony for everything around you. So head to websites where you can buy weatherproof stickers and emblems and buy Yin Yang emblems online.

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