Sufficient Qualification is Required for Effective Post-16 Education in Different Sectors

Posted by Alzbeta berka on June 28th, 2023

The AET has replaced the PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) course. In yesteryears, this course was regarded as the stepping stone to achieve the qualified teacher-training status. However, it has been replaced by the AET-Award in Education and Training in 2013. A group of qualifications for teachers, such as PTLLS-CTLLS-DTLLS, was replaced in 2013. These courses were replaced by AET-CET-DET respectively.

These qualifications are nationally recognised. After undergoing any of these courses, a person is in possession of the skills required to teach the students of varying ages. The level-3 course enables a teacher to train individuals who are 17 years or older or a part of post-16 or adult education. This qualification is equally required to evaluate the skills of students of post-16/adult education. After completing the AET-course, an individual receives a highly acclaimed award to work as a teacher or tutor in the post-compulsory or adult sector.

It’s important to select a well-recognised institute in order to have sufficient qualification to teach the students who are 17 years old or older. You have to select an institute with enthusiastic trainers. It becomes easier for an individual to achieve any of these awards when being guided by qualified tutors throughout the course. With experts’ guidance, you can have better understanding of the content and you can score higher marks in the assessments.

A well structured program for Level 3 AET in house training is going to cover different topics in order to improve the teaching skills of the participants and to mould them into able tutors for post-16 education. After being trained at a reputed institute for AET-CET-DET qualifications, you develop the skills to teach the young adults and adults. However, this is not the only benefit. You become qualified enough to properly plan the lessons as a teacher. It enables you to make the most out of your teaching time and to ensure the best result for your students. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully choose an institute if you want to become an excellent teacher. It’s prudent to choose an institute where you will be trained by individuals who have worked as teachers. Therefore, you are going to benefit from their experience.

A trainer with real-life experience can prepare you to teach in different types of institute or in different scenarios. After completing the Level 3 PTLLS in house training, you are not only qualified and skilled enough to teach at a formal classroom. You are equally qualified to train at a workplace or to teach at academic institutions. Therefore, the AET-training course prepares you to become a trainer, tutor or evaluator for different types of teaching/training centres.

After completing the Level-3 PTLLS/AET course from a reputed institute, you learn how to adjust your teaching styles so that it suites the learning abilities of different students or trainees. The trainers with real-life experience can strengthen your existing skills and lead you towards achieving vocational success. To receive updated qualifications in the field of education/training, it’s prudent to be trained by institutes that follow guidelines of City and Guild.

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