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Posted by Maggie on July 20th, 2016

You must have paid high attention to Gower Quest at one time. It is reported that if you complete Gower Quest, you can gain Tim and Crunchie since today. Cannot you contain your excitement towards it? With the intention to help you win two cute fellow pets, it is necessary that you stock enough gold. Looking for a website to buy cheap RS gold is now possible with the help of RSorder.

Brief introduction of Tim and Crunchie
Crunchie is a skeletal warrior with a metallic helmet, and he was accompanied by a human named Tim. Crunchie appears as a bobblehead in Gower Quest, alongside Tim. And Crunchie is incapable of speaking. 
If the Player Power poll lost, it was decided that Tim and Crunchie would be in the quest anyway. However, the wrong concept art for them was used by mistake. They are in charge of overseeing the five Environment artists, and they would task all of you with giving you cups of tea before you help rob the bank.

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At first, you need to help the Gower brothers to find out the reason why their cabbage patch has stopped working, and help them with it. After you complete several tasks, the last step is that you should kill the Black knight titan 3 more times in Gower Quest. By now you have completed Gower Quest in all. To be honest, finishing this quest is not an easy task at all. You must do a series of challenges.
Therefore, you can use cheapest RS 3 gold on RSorder to help you complete the tasks in a quick way. At last, you can bring your follower pets-Tim and Crunchie back.

All in all, RSorder is really a best site to buy RS 3 gold. You are most welcomed to make purchases on RSorder. Don’t hesitate to place your order now.

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