Beginner?s Guide to Leather Cartridge Bags

Posted by JohnShooter on July 20th, 2016

Leather cartridge bags are important gear for hunting. Whether it is professional hunters or hobby hunters, leather cartridge bags are a must-have accessory. They provide safety to cartridges and bullets from weather and prevent one from losing them in the wilderness. It also enables faster firing and reloading by giving a hunter quick access to his ammunition. Instead of just carrying cartridges, they can be used as a general purpose bag.

Canvas and leather both are used for making cartridge bags. However, leather is a far more valuable and hardy material than any canvas. Leather cartridge bags are exquisite pieces of art and are designed to last a lifetime, often longer. Most of the leather cartridge bags are waterproof because of waterproofing treatment. They are handcrafted by highly skilled leather workers who train and hone their skills over many years. The best only use carefully handpicked pieces of leather to make cartridge bags and show their craftsmanship to deliver an elegant masterpiece.

Another advantage of using leather is its natural tan and brown colour blends easily with the brush and undergrowth when one is out in the wilderness or the woods. This natural camouflage is vital for the hunter. Should you be so inclined, you can go a step further and choose a camouflage cover for your cartridge bag. In addition to better camouflaging, they also offer a layer of protection to the cartridge bag. Generally, most cartridge bags come in natural browns and tans but you can also choose more vibrant colours. Sometimes people also buy these hunting accessories as decorative items for their trophy case.

Leather cartridge bags come in various sizes according to the need. You can easily store 50 to 300 shotgun shells depending on the size and capacity of the bag. Cartridge bags for women are generally a bit smaller than whose designed for men. You can also use two bags at the same time. Easily carry a small bag on forays while leaving the bigger one with your stock of ammunition at the base camp. This will also test your hunting abilities, providing additional challenges.

Leather cartridge bags come with a non-slip shoulder strap that makes them easy to carry. It enables the user to free his hands and concentrate on shooting without worrying about shells or cartridges. The shoulder strap is padded with an extra layer of leather or even foam for increased comfort. The flaps have a hinged opening that is useful for fast reloading. You can also put a padlock to avoid loss or theft, providing added security.

Customized leather cartridge bags are also available from some manufacturers. Understandably, such cartridge bags do not come in an economy price range. They are representative of the pinnacle of craftsmanship, and you have to pay a comparable amount to own such a work of art. Customized cartridge bags offer several options like embossing your initials, or a quote of your liking. Vintage cartridge bags are prized possessions that are often passed from one generation to another.

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