Foams you can make with your Whipped cream dispenser

Posted by jfab67 on July 20th, 2016

 Most people think that all they can use their whipped cream dispenser for is making cream. While this is the work it was made for, one is allowed to get curious and adventurous. You will find this item so indispensable if you bake cakes, make desserts, sauces, soups, mousses, foams and other related food items. Simply get your whipped cream canister first. Everything else will fall in place.

If you want to produce delicious whipped recipes just like gourmet chefs do, just get ready to use your whipped cream dispenser fully. One of the things you can make with it includes foams and mousses. Even if you have never made these, seriously, you can start to do it once you buy a cream canister with charger.  Foams or mousses can be picked when you want to flavor any type of food. As well, you can use them to garnish your cakes, cocktails and other dishes. 

Since you can experiment with colors and textures when making mousses and foams, you can make food that attracts the eyes from far.  Whether you want them to be sweet, spicy, cold or hot, all you have to do is get creative. Hot foams can be served when hot a few hours later if you have a tool like Isi Thermo Whip or a related tool. A good example is hot foam made with egg and chives among other ingredients. Alternatively, you can use sous vide egg yolk plus gruyere foam. 

Sweet and ice-cold foams should be lightweight and fluffy and as long as you have a high quality whipping dispenser you are good to go.  These can be preserved for many days in the whipping dispenser if prepared carefully. Apple caviar combined with banana makes sweet and cold foams while a chocolate mousse mixed with pipe tobacco is extremely delicious.  As for spicy and savory cold foams, you can choose ingredients such as radishes, goat cheese and dried olive oil. 

Do you prefer to make oil foams? Make one with asparagus, malt crumble and miso foam and eat with any dish you prefer. As for cocktail foams, prepare speedily with champagne or any alcohol you prefer and serve with any meal, if you prefer. Just get one great recipe from the internet.  Make a sponge cake if you want to make foam that is more solid, but spongy in your microwave.  There are so many recipes on the internet than you can imagine. All you should do is experiment as much as possible and make new flavors and tastes in your kitchen.

Most dispensers use N2O gas, of course, that is released from a charger that has a charger holder. It is the N2O that will enable you to create different types of foams and keep then flavored and edible for many days. Additionally, you should read about infusing liquids that can be used together with various whippers.  As you look for the best whipped cream canister online, look among the most durable stainless steel options.  As well, ensure that you compare prices before buying the item you want.

So you want to make creams and foams like a gourmet chef? If so, no worries, as our top-quality whipped cream dispenser is all you need. Our whipped cream canister is so useful that you don’t need any other.

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