Instant Credit Card Approval ? Good or Bad?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Life is full of ups and downs. One is never sure when one may have a need for emergency money. In good times or in bad, people may need an instant credit card approval to cover emergency expenses like medical bills, some extra cash to pay bills and perhaps maybe for a much-needed vacation. This is when one turns to instant approval credit cards. Fortunately, accessing instant approval credit card offers online is now as simple as buying something off eBay.

Instant approval credit cards are accessible via the Internet as well as directly through the credit card companies themselves. However, when you approach credit card companies directly, the process might take longer than you anticipate as you may have to wait for turnaround. So instant approval credit cards online might prove to be a much quicker choice. Just typing ?instant credit card approval? into a search engine gives you a large number of choices.

When choosing the right instant approval credit card online, choose from the website that features a wide variety of credit card companies. This list should have the rates and promotions of each credit card provider. The rates should include the APR rates, annual fees, balance transfer rates and any other rates associated with the instant approval credit card. You could then choose your preferred credit card company and click on their link to read the terms and transactions involved applying online. You could get an instant credit card approval in almost no time at all!

With instant credit card approval, clients get to immediately know whether he or she is eligible for applying for the specific credit card. However, it should be known that ?instant credit card approval? and the actual credit card application are two entirely different processes. If your credit card approval is instantly confirmed, it does not indicate that you will be receiving the credit card in a few days. It is merely an indication of whether you are qualified to apply for the credit card. The credit card application procedure commences from the approval.

You need not worry about the security of the disclosed information for instant approval credit cards as the major credit card issuers and banks have highly secure encrypted connections to protect this information. Usually, an instant approval credit card is provided only to a customer who has a good history. However, with today?s competitive credit market, most credit card providers have stretched their limits to offer the credit card to people of differing credit records. It all depends on the provider you approach!

When applying for instant approval credit cards, you have to disclose information like your name, social security number, current address and any previous addresses you have resided at over the years. Of course, the main advantage of getting an instant credit card approval is that this approval eliminates the trouble that is caused while guessing whether or not the company will approve you of their credit card. There is no need to visit a bank in person to find out if you are qualified for an instant approval credit card. You can get the information online, through the Internet. This proves to be rather convenient to all the people who are urgently in need of a credit card.

Although it is generally not recommended to apply for multiple credit cards simultaneously because of the potential negative effect on your credit rating, since instant credit card approvals generally take less than a few minutes, you could try to apply for more than one instant approval card offer. With instant approval credit cards online, there is no need of you to be physically running from one credit card company to the other, sending in your applications. You could simply apply while sipping a cup of coffee on the comfort of your own couch! However, the most important thing to bear in mind concerning instant approval credit card process is that just because you have gotten an instant ?approval?, it does not mean that you have instant money. In fact, instant approval can be a stepping-stone into instant debt if you are not cautious, so think twice before you set your heart upon instant approval credit cards.

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