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The basics of living in an Assisted Living facility in Albuquerque

Posted by articlelink01 on July 21st, 2016

According to a 2010 statistics, there are 6,315 assisted living facilities in the U.S having over 4,75,000 apartments. Assisted living delivers different levels of care to the disabled and elderly citizens with the aid of assistants. There is no definition for Assisted Living facility in Albuquerque as different states have different regulations. They come in all shapes and sizes, from towering urban buildings to cottages with small number of residents. They might seem similar to nursing home, but there are stark comparisons between the two:

  • Assisted living residents, live independently with minimal support provided by staffs for facilities such as bathing, dressing etc. They are fully mobile and healthy enough to do their daily chores independently. While nursing homes consist of bed-ridden individuals with chronic illness who needs constant monitoring by healthcare professionals. They need assistance for every activity.
  • The motto of Assisted Living facility in Albuquerque is to provide a healthy vibrant environment so that senior citizens do not feel isolated. By residing in a community with their peers, they engage in various social activities and hence they do not feel alienated from the society. In nursing homes, individuals are provided professional medical care by licensed medical practitioners. Assisted living facilities are not licensed to provide professional nursing care by skilled healthcare professionals. They can hire professional care givers.
  • Nursing homes are more like hospitals and hence are regulated and licensed by Department of Health and not state Department of Social services which regulates assisted living facilities. So, nursing homes has to comply with a great deal of safety arrangements which are not there for assisted living.
  • In case of Assisted living facilities, residents live in a single bedroom apartment in a community, whereas in nursing homes, residents live in private or semi-private rooms.

When should one consider an Albuquerque Assisted Living?

  • Isolation: For seniors who are isolated from society and lead a lonely life suffer from depression. Their mental agony bumps off happiness from their life and gives rise to health concerns. By living in an Albuquerque assisted living among similar senior individuals, they are able to engage in social activities and find a renewed interest in life.
  • Immobility: When senior individuals are unable to perform daily activities with the help of in-house caregivers or assistance from family members then one has to consider an Assisted living facility in Albuquerque. Even if some family member commits to look after, the future might need attention from skilled professionals for extra medical care.
  • Safety and security: The golden-agers might not feel secure enough to stay alone as they become more immobile. For safety and security purposes owing to their fragile health, they need to choose assisted living facilities.
  • Responsibilities: Some elderly people become tired of carrying familial responsibilities and maintaining house. They want to lead a stress free lifestyle with their peers and hence opt for assisted living facilities.
  • Dementia and mental care: When your parents wear the same apparel everyday, forgets personal hygiene, and suffer from depression, it may be a warning sign that they are suffering from memory loss. They need extra care, which can be provided by experts in Alzheimer's care in assisted living facilities.

The services offered in assisted living facilities vary according to regulations in different states. Services offered can include: assistance in daily activities of bathing, dressing eating etc.; transportation arrangements for shopping; Three meals per day; gymnasium ; medical aid and housekeeping and maintenance.

Assisted Living Facility Albuquerque provides a renewed interest in the life of elderly citizens to lead a cheerful golden age. One should not choose a Albuquerque Assisted Living based on fees but consider the amenities provided and the need of individuals.

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