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Posted by Liz Seyi on July 11th, 2023

Ask many people who have tied the knot in Gibraltar weddings, and they will tell you that wedding photos are a crucial part of the whole experience. From the perfect dress and makeup to the right photographer, every detail should be taken into consideration when you are organising the “visual” aspect of your nuptials – but professional photographers can be pricey.

So, if you’re looking for a more affordable option and don’t mind getting a little creative, wedding photos on a slightly more “DIY” basis might just be the way for you and your beloved to go. 

Although, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we are certainly advocates for taking advantage of professional photography services – which we can help arrange for you as part of our wedding packages – it is also possible to take some great wedding photos without a “pro” being present. 

So, with that in mind, here are five tips to follow, so that you can come up with some truly excellent “DIY” wedding snaps. 

  • Get the right gear

Invest in quality camera equipment and lenses that are appropriate for wedding photography. Choose a camera with good low-light capability, as well as the right lenses for capturing wide-angle shots and close-up details. Make sure you bring extra batteries and memory cards to ensure you have enough power and storage space throughout your shoot.

  • Know the venue

Where possible, try and visit the venue ahead of time to become familiar with its layout and any potential lighting issues. Identify spots for good shots and scout out any areas where you would like to get creative. This will help you plan your day better and make sure you don’t miss any important photos.

  • Add some natural lighting

Try to make the most of natural lighting in your DIY wedding photography, since this can create a dreamy atmosphere. Consider shooting during golden hour (when the sun is low in the sky) for beautiful, warm photos, or use off-camera flashes to lighten up dark spots.

  • Don’t forget to take candid shots

While posed shots are important, candid shots of your guests will add vibrancy and personality to your album. Position yourself near the action and don’t be afraid to move around and get creative with angles.

  • Get creative

Play around with different perspectives and settings to create unique photos that capture the emotion of your day. Experimenting with shallow depth of field, long exposure shots, or using props can add an artistic touch to your photos.

Final thoughts

DIY wedding photos can be stunning, and with these tips, you can help ensure you achieve the perfect shots without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to have fun with it and enjoy snapping the special moments that make your day so unique, so that you can be sure of truly capturing the emotion and wonder of your wedding.

And if you would appreciate some help and advice of a more direct kind from skilled and seasoned experts in the planning of Gibraltar weddings, why not enquire today to Sweet Gibraltar Weddings? We would be delighted to assist in making your dream sunshine destination nuptials come true. 

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