Add Fun to Your Event with Bottle Rockets

Posted by Fireworks on July 21st, 2016

Playing fire crackers to mark the joy of an occasion is a popular practice across the globe. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a sports match win or a victory in an election, firecrackers must be there to enhance the feel of the event. However, choosing the appropriate firecracker also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall atmosphere. To be on a safer side, you can play these firecrackers in most of the occasions. You can hardly find a more glittering way to grab the attention of almost all people presents there. Just play a series of bottle rockets brought from a reputed brand to create the magic in the sky.
How using bottle rockets add more fun to your event
A typical bottle rocket is a very small skyrocket that consists of a rocket engine. This engine is stabilized to a stick in order to direct it to the sky in a specific direction. Once you ignite this stick, it starts emitting fire downwards and within seconds reaches apex before bursting into numerous colors of light. Often exploding with sound, the scattering of light is sufficient to cover the entire venue with illumination. You can allow the professionals to play the bottle rockets to ensure better lighting and better views in the sky. In fact, you can take pictures of the event in its light to add more drama to your entire album.
Safety measures that you must take while using bottle rockets
There is no doubt that playing bottle rockets can make your occasion more appealing. However, even the slight mishandling of this firecracker can lead to dire consequences. In this regard, it becomes imperative to take extreme safety measures to keep any unfortunate situation at bay. Some of the expert safety measures that you can keep in mind include:
1. Take expert assistance: First of all, if possible try to take the assistance of professional firecracker players for your occasion. These professionals do this risky job on a daily basis. This makes these professionals better placed to avoid any degree of error while playing the bottle rockets.  
2. Choose open space: The next important point is to choose the open field nearby the venue to play rockets. In cases, when your rocket loses direction, it is likely to land in an open field only instead of entering someone’s home. An open space allows better movement of these rockets and also ensures you better fire show in the night sky.  
3.Keep away from kids and old people: You must also try to keep small children and old people from the influence of bottle rockets area. Seeing the intensity of its penetration, you cannot afford to take risks by playing rockets when kids and old people are around.
Bottle rockets can definitely be termed as the most dramatic firecracker around. With its unique lighting sparkles, it can give you some of the most wonderful moments of life, only if handled with caution.

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