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Posted by Tom Eric on July 21st, 2016

There are so many things present in our environment that are continuously affecting our daily lives. Some of the prominent ones can be mentioned as temperature & humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, airborne particles, AC or DC power/current/voltage, water levels, pressure, flow distance levels, frequency/speed/cycles/counts, strain/force/load/weight/mass, noise and vibration and much more. These parameters play an important role in deciding our day-to-day affairs. The excess or deficiency of any of these may lead to contradictory results which can bring troubles for the environment in which we survive. Also, many of the scientific researches and inventions depend upon these factors to create and test new developments. As a result, we need to continuously monitor these parameters so that we may live in favorable conditions and get new innovations constantly.

Of these different parameters, the most common one which we encounter everyday is the temperature. Not only the temperature under which we live but also the temperatures of different devices with which we come in daily contact is of significant relevance to us. You can monitor critical temperatures of different equipment which may be cold or hot anywhere continuously and in real time with a web based system within your premises and in places such as kitchens, laboratories, pharmacies, nursing and medical colleges as well as off-site facilities. This system has the capability to alert you the moment any food item, lab sample, pharmaceutical or other sensitive items dependent on the temperature are outside the prescribed limit.

In many HVAC and refrigeration applications, humidity and pressure play a critical role to get the best output. The web-based monitoring can serve as an internal or external sensor to monitor pressure and humidity in both inside and outside a climate-controlled facility. Such systems are specially employed in clean rooms, laboratories, computer server rooms, warehouses, and any other remote facility. Similarly, you can use other web based systems like water detection sensors, Co2 sensors, PH sensors to check various aspects of the environment in order to make your home and workplace environmentally safe.

So, you can get the devices and sensors used as web based environmental monitoring system over the internet as many of the companies provide these online. These companies have all types of monitoring sensors and devices to measure accurately what you need for your scientific project or business operations. After getting these installed at your facility, you can carry out the research work with great efficiency and precision.

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