Armor Air, Air Conditioning Installation Available In Greenwood, IN

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Greenwood, Indiana July 16, 2023


As summer heats up, Armor Air, a reputable company based in Indianapolis, IN, encourages homeowners to consider the installation of air conditioning units. With July being the peak of the hot season, ensuring a comfortable living environment requires a fully functional and appropriately sized AC system.

As a trusted provider of comprehensive plumbing and HVAC installation services, Armor Air offers a wide range of solutions to meet every customer's specific needs. Whether it's installing new pipes or setting up an efficient HVAC system, homeowners can rely on Armor Air's prompt response, expert assessment, and reliable installation services to ensure optimal comfort throughout their homes.

This is particularly crucial to keep in mind when considering air conditioning installation, given the potential cost of a replacement if repairs are delayed or mishandled. With this in mind, we offer hvac and plumbing services to homeowners in Greenwood, IN. We treat every inquiry with utmost seriousness, whether it's for scheduled maintenance, service, or a complex installation. The company is dedicated to completing the job efficiently, aiming to save customers their hard-earned money.

Furthermore, the company willingly offers advice on common issues. In some instances, homeowners may find that their AC unit is not actually broken or in need of professional attention, prompting them to conduct a preliminary examination before contacting Armor Air. This simple check may reveal a misadjusted thermostat, a clogged air filter—which can be easily resolved independently—or obstructed airflow around the unit's external components.

While the company is more than willing to dispatch a technician if customers are uncertain about resolving such matters on their own, performing a quick check can potentially save them significant costs for repairs or installation. Naturally, if the problem surpasses the customer's capabilities, Armor Air's technicians will arrive to implement a suitable solution.

Many of the company's customers find themselves retaining Armor Air's contact details after just one experience. Trusting the team with all their current and future HVAC needs is a source of pride for everyone at Armor Air, and customers are often enthusiastic about sharing why they consider it a distinct advantage to have the company readily available for any emergencies.

"This was our first experience with Armor Air & it was fantastic from start to finish!! Our AC was behaving sketchy since before Memorial Day weekend, but by yesterday (6/2/23)I made the call back to Michael Stevens to give him the "go ahead" for installation..My husband and I filled out the paperwork on our patio Friday late afternoon and BAM...John and Chad were at our home before 8 AM today (6/3/23) & done before 10 AM!! We were incredibly impressed with Armor Air & their service team!! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!. It's good to know that there are still good people doing good things!!”

Armor Air recognizes that prompt and hassle-free service is essential to ensure customer comfort during unexpected breakdowns. With rising temperatures, it's all too easy to let frustration escalate, and a malfunctioning air conditioner can make it nearly impossible for some to find respite from the weather. The company strives to make every repair or maintenance job as seamless as possible, establishing a reputation that brings customers back whenever professional assistance is required in the future.

In line with their commitment to exceptional service, Armor Air recommends that homeowners schedule a tune-up or maintenance check for their AC unit to ensure optimal performance throughout the warmer months. The company's office can always be reached via phone or email, catering to inquiries about their services, availability, and more.



For more information about Armor Air, contact the company here:

Armor Air
Samantha Cox
(317) 854-7199
Armor Air
Indianapolis, IN 46241

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