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Learn the Scientific Importance of Prayers through Prayer Research by Bruce and

Posted by lukachan on July 21st, 2016

Prayer is one characteristic that is shared by many world religions and philosophies. In the end, the key difference is the recipient of the prayer. But what is prayer? Why is prayer important? Why do speakers, teachers, and religious leaders emphasize the importance of prayers? Books have been in written on prayer. Even Jesus gave a model prayer by which we should pray. Not only can prayer bring spiritual support, prayer can also benefit a person mentally and physically. Praying gives human beings an unmatched opportunity to connect with themselves; while filling their minds and hearts with a greater peace, which no exterior luxury can ever do.

Even there is a bunch of people who are blessed with the spiritual and psychic abilities to heal the people around them with their prayers. So, the question is how they learn that they have those spiritual abilities which they can use to help the mankind and how their prayers work in doing so? Therefore, there is a laboratory for prayer research by Bruce and John Klingbeil: a father and son duo. They are working on to set-up testing facilities to find out who had psychic abilities or not so that they can begin to help and heal humanity. This father-son duo is doing it for so long and one can easily find their prayer research studies in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

Bruce and John Klingbeil have realized that their research has scientifically explored how prayer worked in human consciousness, how prayer interacted with the world. Followed by years of experiences with prayers and healing they believed that given the proper understanding of their hypothesis and designs of experiments, prayer and healing could be tested by science as in a modern world, you need modern levels of evidence. The klingbeils have observed that an increasingly scientific society looked at the failures of prayer as proof that prayer didn’t work. A scientifically educated society wanted to move beyond the mythology of prayer.

When you pray about a situation, your consciousness somehow is observing it. Your consciousness links to a situation through paths of associations paved with your unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Associations link and pave the paths that bring healing. The term associational linkage has been defined by the Klingbeils as the unconscious connection of one’s thought to another thought, person, or thing. When you think it, you link it.

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