Why Thermoplastic Polymer Material Is Considered As Unique?

Posted by Michael Luis on July 20th, 2023

Thermoplastic polymer is a material that is the best combination of rubber and plastic. For any application, thermoplastic polymer is the best-performing material. It is widely used to replace rubber, lead and plastic. The material has some unique properties and is considered a high-density type.

•    Industrial-grade thermoplastic composite materials can withstand extreme heat and pressure conditions
•    The material is also more flexible and resistant as compared to lead or rubber
•    It has special properties of absorbing shock vibrations when used for industrial applications

Abrasion resistant

Abrasion can affect the performance of any machine part. Metals tend to get rusted when oxidized. Even the hardest metal like lead may get rusted after a certain time. this means that the metal will have to be replaced so the machine keeps performing.

For best output, the material used should be super resistant to abrasion. This is one unique property of thermoplastic polymer material. The material can be used to manufacture machine parts that are in direct contact with liquids or acids.

Heat resistant

Friction can produce heat in any machine part. Vibration also produces a lot of heat in movable machine parts. Metal or rubber tends to withstand heat to certain degrees. This is where manufacturers find thermoplastic polymer more helpful.

The special property of this polymer makes it completely withstand heat. So vibrations may not damage the machine parts made up of this polymer. The material also has hardness equivalent to lead metal. It does not get damaged even when exposed to extreme heat or pressure.


Lead and rubber produce a lot of dust when you grind them. The dust can easily pollute your surrounding environment. Your health may get affected if this dust enters your body. The thermoplastic polymer is not the same.

If the material is used as raw material for manufacturing units, it does not produce any dust. Thus, when working with thermoplastic, your health is also safe. The material is considered dust free even at high temperature or pressure conditions.


If the material is hard, it is more durable. Rubber and lead are commonly used as shock-absorbing pads. These materials can withstand vibrations of low or medium intensity. If the vibrations exceed a certain frequency, the rubber and lead pads may get destroyed.

This means that the pads have to be replaced very often. High density polymers can be ideal solution. The material is hard as compared to rubber and lead. It is also highly flexible and elastic. The material does not get damaged easily. You may not have to keep replacing the shock-absorbing pads very often.

Vibration dampening

Vibrations in machines can cause a lot of damage. If the intensity of vibration is greater then, the machine parts may also get damaged very often. You have to keep investing more money in maintenance. The parts have to be changed regularly.

This is one benefit if you are using thermoplastic to kill the vibrations. This material can act as a perfect barrier between movable and immovable machine parts. This simple technique helps kill any intensity vibrations. Thermoplastic material is used for many industrial applications.

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