Buy Wood Bamboo Baseball Bats for Better Strength and Durability

Posted by timjhon25 on July 21st, 2016

Baseball is simple yet widely famous sport and is played worldwide. People love playing baseball as much as they love watching it. There is a different kind of craze for this game among its fans. Baseball is game of two opponent teams having nine players each. The equipment required to play football is minimal with just a pair of items. It is simply a bat and ball game. Other required items other than a baseball and baseball bat are baseball glove and bases. The main focus to play the game well is baseball bat. Baseball bat can be of different types basis on the material used. The main factors to consider in a baseball bat are its weight, grip and strength.

According to the base material, a baseball can be of mainly three types -

A. Wood – Traditionally baseball bats are made of wood that are used in professional leagues. For a thick and sturdy structure, baseball bats are majorly made of white ash wood. The type of the wood also differs on the basis on availability and place. Maple wood is also a favourite choice for manufacturing baseball bats due to lighter weight but they are comparatively less strong than white ash bat.

B. Aluminium – It is one of the most commonly used materials for baseball bats and is largely used for colleges and on-campus tournaments. Aluminium is lighter and long-lasting. It is best suitable for young players.
C. Composite – These types of bats are modern kind. Handle and barrel of these bats are made of a combination of graphite, plastic and other fibers like titanium. This material is even lighter than aluminium. They are very strong and most durable of them all.

There is one more type of baseball bat named hybrid bat. As it is clear from the name itself, in such types of bats, handle and barrel are made of different materials respectively.

There is another type of material that has been a talk of the town lately – bamboo baseball bats. Bamboo is a makes a wonderful material for manufacturing a long range of products because of their incredible durability and strength. Bamboo is being used in various new ways, wood bamboo baseball bats are latest addition and they are said to be unbreakable and super smooth. There is no surprise as bamboo is already known as to be a wonder material due to its amazing natural properties. They are also cheaper in price than other materials. You can also buy a bamboo baseball bat in Toronto to experience its advantages over other bats.

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