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Guide on How to Succeed in Raids with Cheap RS 3 Gold for Sale

Posted by RSorder on July 22nd, 2016

Have you ever had the experience of protecting goebies by raiding the bosses in ten-player teams? What is your feeling? Definitely you are concentrated on the high-level armor. Obviously, it is difficult to obtain the Level 90 Defense tank gear and more. Here some efficient ways are provided for you and your team on raids. Meanwhile, if you have a lack of cheap RS 3 gold, you are most welcomed to make purchases with RSorder.

Things you should do when you raid:
1. Making sure everyone of your team can be connected because good and valid communication plays an important role in raiding. Using voice chat can be better if you are busy with the fight. You all can turn to Skype, Ventrilo and more Chat tools for help. Then you can remind your partners of the location of the poison or the time of the third pet’s releasing. 
2. A scrimshaw, attacker insignia, blood essence or illuminated god book should be used. Bear in mind that you should try to mitigate damage taken by positioning yourself correctly instead of relying on a sign of life.
3. You can use the steel titan to deal with damage. If the whole team uses steel titans, it can be possible to have a couple extra gamers on your team. No armor is comparable to T90 tank armor as a DPS. 
4. Bear in mind that you should stun or kill the pet instead of staying on it at the beginning of BM kill. Or you will die fast. 
5. Meanwhile, you can work on your rotation. It may have a chance for you not to use chain or combust. If you have about 130k HP left, you’d better make your poison tank stop attacking. 
6. It is really necessary to know more than one role in game. If your partner fails, you may need to take his or her role.

What you shouldn’t do during raids?
1. Don’t wear signs of life because they are easy to get wrecked. 
2. Tank gear and beasts of burden should not be used. 
3. It is bad to kill the pets before Durzag reaches 750K HP, and then it will get damage stuff. 
4. Don't tag the tendril pool until the base tank does. If you tag it first and you are standing in the DPS pile, he may terribly tendril the whole team. 
5. You shouldn’t rely too much on defenders for Shield is always better for revenge stacks and defenders are just bad DPS.

Generally when you don’t know how to deal with Raids, there is nothing you can do except onslaught. Therefore, it is necessary that you stock enough cheap Runescape 3 gold in your bank during your fight with the bosses. RSorder is dedicated to offering you cheap RS gold for sale and to making your RS life easier. Hopefully those guides can help you succeed in Raids.

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