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Posted by avenuescosmetic on July 23rd, 2016

Baldness and hair loss is the most common and the major issue of this era for both the genders and for every generation starting from teenagers. As necessity is the mother of invention, these growing and increased hair problems have forced the medical and plastic surgery industries to find the more and better ways of treatment. With the increased completion in the hair surgery market patients got many options with latest technology and in different range of cost. You just need to find a best medical treatment and an expert like specialized hair doctor in Ahmedabad which can treat your problem.

The basic concept of all hair surgery is bringing back the lost hair, when we talk about transplantation then healthy hair follicles known as grafts are taken from the body part and implanted to the bald or needy area.

Let’s take a quick look on some common hair surgical methods:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma: PRP is definitely one the very- very effective therapy for hair transplant. It deals in platelet blood which is abundant in plasma are taken and after that injected back into the area where treatment is required. So during such process the cells adopt a regenerative growth which results into hair growth in a natural manner. It will completely looks like the normal hair.

  • FUT: It deals with the way in which follicles unit are extracted. In FUT Strip Technique is done by taking the strip of the scalp which has hair on it i.e mainly from back of the head, with its hair follicles (hair growth starting region) and subsequently extracted.

  • FUE: In FUE complete strip of the scalp is not taken instead individual follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp.FUE comes more in art form as it is more intensive and time consuming.

Hair Transplant treatment can’t be learned over a single night a lot of perseverance and hard work is required to become a successful surgeon in this field. As in hair transplant we are dealing in the most delicate part of organ i.e. head with unlimited variations so a lot of precautions and patience need to be taken. The needles used should be sterilized well and also while penetration care should be taken off.

Hair doctors at Ahmedabad are the renowned name and earned the reputation as a preferred choice for hair surgery with their dedication toward each patient they handle.

Starting from the cause of hair problem till the successful completion of surgery everything is monitored by the doctors carefully at Avenues. Numerous operations occur every day in Ahmedabad which may be around 10000-1500 hair transplant. People from all over the world are coming here for best doctors and satisfactory cost effective result as compared to USA and UK.

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