21 Types of AS400 Software with their Wide-Ranging Capabilities

Posted by abel on August 10th, 2023

You, the technology leader at your company, are an expert already when it comes to having the knowledge about AS/400 system.

First, because whoever knows about AS400 and has been with it since the 1980’s deserves the honor of not just evolving with it, but for still believing in it.

AS400 started as an operating system developed by IBM for their midrange computer systems.

Many times, over the years till date, there have been name changes and branding changes. This sometimes might confuse some of the newer folks, however for the veterans it is still AS400 - as the brand name dearest to them. 

In the year 2000, the hardware/server got rebranded to be known as IBM iSeries, followed by System i in 2006 to IBM Power Systems in 2008.

Speaking of terminology, lets shift to ‘what is AS400 software’ – now known as IBM a.

AS400 software refers to the various applications, programs, and solutions that run on this operating system. It's a platform that supports a wide range of software tailored for business operations, data processing, and more.

AS400 software, boasts of a robust operating system and diverse software applications.

The Well-known Benefits of AS400 Software

  • When it comes to reliability, stability, and security features, none can beat the AS400 software or applications in their capacity to ensure minimal downtime and data protection.
  • Talk about its scalability, AS/400 software is known for its seamless growth abilities, supporting both small businesses and large enterprises without requiring significant infrastructure changes.
  • Have disparate systems? Not with AS400… This platform has the most integrated environment that can support various business functions smoothly.
  • Data security bugging you? Think object-level security, authentication, and encryption to safeguard critical data on the AS/400 system.
  • AS400 needs very less maintenance and has low downtime costs, thus reducing your total cost of ownership. It has does not add a lot to IT overheads due to its ease of management.
  • Did we hear legacy? Do not worry… It's capable of running legacy AS400 applications, preserving investments in existing software. The best part? The platform ensures backward compatibility, allowing older applications to run on newer hardware.
  • It includes DB2 as its integrated relational database management system, facilitating data management and access.
  • Have diverse set of developers to work on or customize your AS400 usinglanguages like RPG, COBOL, and Java.
  • Need remote access? AS/400 software can be made to support remote access and mobile applications, enabling your users to work from different locations.

The list is endless with many nuanced benefits like faster deployment, reduced complexity and resource wastage, adherence to compliance standards and support communities existing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Let’s look at the 21 types of AS400 Software and their business uses:

For the sake of prioritizing the most widely used scenarios of AS400 software solutions, the list is narrowed down to 21 types. However, there are many more.

They leverage the capabilities and prowess of AS/400 systems to cater to various industries and business functions, showcasing their adaptability and versatility.

  1. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software: AS400 ERP Software manages and integrates various business processes like finance, inventory, production, manufacturing, supply chain management and more.
  2. Financial Management Software: Handles accounting, budgeting, invoicing, and real-time financial reporting. AS400 Software for finance management optimizes financial operations, tracks expenses, and ensures compliance while making informed decisions.
  3. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): Controls and monitors manufacturing processes on the shop floor. Orchestrates streamlined production processes, optimizes inventory, enhances quality control, and synchronizes operations for maximum efficiency.
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software: Optimizes the entire supply chain from procurement to distribution. It enhances demand forecasting, inventory management, and supplier collaboration. AS400 Software for supply chain management elevates supply chain efficiency and resilience.
  5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: AS400 based CRM can manage customer interactions, sales, and marketing efforts by tracking interactions, and personalizing customer experiences.
  6. Healthcare Information Systems: Supports electronic health records (EHR), patient data management, and medical billing management. AS400 software for healthcare can provide appointment scheduling features also.
  7. Inventory Management Software: Tracks and manages inventory levels, orders, and stock movement. Utilize AS400 inventory management software for reducing stockouts and optimize warehouse operations.
  8. Point-of-Sale (POS) Software: Facilitates retail transactions and sales at physical and online stores. Leverage AS400 point-of-sale software to manage inventory and offer seamless customer experiences.
  9. Human Resources Management System (HRMS): Handles employee records, payroll, benefits administration, and workforce management. Employ AS400 HRMS software for comprehensive human resource management, benefits, and performance evaluation.
  10. Business Intelligence (BI) Software: Analyzes data to provide insights and support decision-making. Transform raw data into actionable insights, visualize trends, and make informed decisions with AS400 BI solution.
  11. Document Management Software: Organizes and manages electronic documents, files, and records. AS/400 based software can also be used fordocument storage, retrieval, and collaboration.
  12. Security and Access Control Software: Ensures data security and governs user access to resources. Harness AS400 security and access control software for implementing user authentication, encryption, and audit trails to fortify data integrity.
  13. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Software: Prepares for data recovery in case of emergencies or disruptions. Deploy AS400 business continuity and disaster recovery software to safeguard operations, ensure data backup, seamless recovery, and minimize downtime.
  14. Data Integration and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Tools: Integrates and processes data from various sources. AS400 software helps in extracting, transforming, and loading data to ensure accuracy and consistency, while elevating data synchronization and insights for streamlined data management and integration.
  15. Web Application Servers: Leverage AS400 web application servers to host and manage web-based applications, while ensuring robust performance, security, and scalability for online interactions.
  16. Network Management Software: Manages network devices, monitors performance, and resolves issues. Employ AS400 network management software for seamless network monitoring and optimization to ensure stable connections, efficient resource utilization, and timely issue resolution.
  17. Telecommunications Management Software: Controls communication services, call routing, and telephony features. Utilize AS400 telecommunications management software for streamlined communication oversight. It helps you optimize connectivity.
  18. Backup and Recovery Software: Facilitates data backup, recovery, and restoration procedures for critical information. Improve data resilience and minimize data loss with AS400 solution for comprehensive backup and recovery strategies.
  19. Programming and Development Tools: Supports software development and customization on AS/400 platforms. Leverage AS400 programming and development tools for efficient software creation. Develop, debug, and optimize applications with ease, while elevating development speed and code quality.
  20. Database Management Systems (DBMS): Manages and maintains databases for applications, data storage and retrieval. AS400 DBMS ensures data integrity, security, and optimized performance for data management efficiency and insights for comprehensive database control.
  21. Educational Management Systems: Manages student records, academic scheduling, and administrative processes. Avail of AS400 educational management systems for efficient campus operations, education administration and student engagement.  

Now, that we have got you covered on the essentials – how about implementing one or some of these for you. Or if your businesses are already utilizing any of these AS400 software giants, you can contemplate collaborating with an AS400/iSeries/IBM i software development provider like Integrative Systems.

We can assist you in unlocking the complete capabilities of your AS400 powerhouse. Reach out to us at contact@integrativesystems.com

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