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Posted by johnsmith001 on July 24th, 2016

As we all have been aware the translation industry is actually awash with translation tools this kind of Spell checkers, translation memories as well as automated glossaries. But is the feasibility associated with machine translation a reality in this point in time? By explaining the doubts as well as limitations of machine translation I really hope to clarify to clarify a few of the preconceived notions that the public may have about the area and aid them in choosing translation companies spain or a interpretation services company.

The notion of computer translation isn't new. In fact shortly after Globe War II the American Federal government had already began investing considerable resources within the field without the slightest doubt how the concept was not an actuality.

Some common terms in this field indicate the a few of the difficulties that those pioneers of machine translation were to come across, for example the difference between machine translation (MT) that is the translation of text with a machine and Computer Aided translation (CAT) that is the translation of texts by a translator with translation tools. Under Machine translation you will find three types of system specifically Batch, Interactive, and Interlingual Methods. A Batch method has coded rules to "decide" about the best translation. There is no requirement for a translator.

With an Interactive system the translator exists and decides on the translation options supplied by the translation system. With an Interlingual approach the origin translation is translated to an intermediate language that's used to translate backwards and forwards between the source and focus on languages.

CAT and MT software nowadays use either the Batch or even interlingual approach.
With MT translation most texts are apt to have 70% accuracy e. grams Google translate. Most experts now concede that 100% accuracy isn't possible. Three terms that appear are Fully Automatic High Quality Translation that is in my view is impossible to attain, Fully Automatic Low Quality Interpretation and Partly Automatic Medium High quality Translation. The percentage accuracy claims associated with Machine translation is open to debate as there isn't any universal standard to measure this and accuracy claims are usually very subjective.

There are five important criteria when choosing whether to make use of machine translation or translation Support companies

1. Subject matter. Here the computer can come with an immense advantage especially regarding technical texts and spanish legal translation. In the case of the field like Life sciences in which the vocabulary is very specific as well as comprehensive, the Machine Translation system might have a terminology Database built up over years that is impossible for a Translation Company to compete with. Of course the quality depends on the quantity of work and quality of the job put into the Machine translation's book.

2. Speed. Speed is an area in which the computer reigns supreme considering how the average translator translates for a price of 2, 500 words daily.

3. Level of accuracy. We already discussed the amounts of accuracy. If a text is solely for information a fully automated translation is feasible but if we want 100% accurate translation the quantity of time spent post-editing the MT system can often outweigh the advantages of using this system.

4. Regularity of vocabulary. Again the computer is excellent with regards to consistency. One centralized MT system ensures consistency instead of a Translation vendor outsourcing a sizable job or different jobs with time to different translators. It is often the situation that no two translators translate a sentence just as. Of course, the success from the MT depends on the preprogramming carried out beforehand.

5. Cost. Bearing in your mind that the computer can tick all of the right boxes for speed, regularity, level of accuracy and subject matter one has to note that successful Machine translation techniques require substantial investment to populate them with top quality and a high volume associated with content which, of course, needs to be passed onto to the client of the Translation Services company

It's pretty evident in the above points that the pc can yield impressive results but what we should realize is that current MT systems won't give 100% accurate translations. If this degree of accuracy is required it's always better to hire the professional translation services Marbella company.

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