3 Small Things That Could Make A Big Difference To Your Nuptials In Gibraltar

Posted by Liz Seyi on August 13th, 2023

As anyone who has read a few articles on our blogwill know (as well as those who have actually visited the British Overseas Territory), there are plenty of things that can go right about weddings in Gibraltar. The sun, the sea, the sand, the picturesque backdrops for your wedding photos, and – of course – all those magical memories… they can all be yours when you choose to tie the knot here. 

And often, when couples are planning weddings in Gibraltar, it’s the obviously big things – such as their chosen wedding package, the dress, and even the wedding car – that they spend a large proportion of their time and effort trying to get right. 

But in a lot of ways, the small things also make a big difference when it comes to getting one’s special day in Gibraltar “just right”. So, for today’s blog post, we thought we would put the spotlight on three small things that could contribute greatly to making your Gibraltar wedding wonderful. 

Keeping a clear-eyed view of what you and your beloved want, not what other people want 

When you’re doing something “big” in your life – and your wedding would certainly qualify as a “big” thing – it’s understandable that you might feel the need to listen to a lot of other people’s opinions. That may be especially true in the case of close relatives or friends who might even be financially helping to make your wedding possible. 

But it’s also extremely important to prioritise you and your sweetheart’s wants over what other people are saying. When it comes to something like a wedding – on which seemingly everyone and anyone has an opinion – it can be very easy to become a “people pleaser”. 

And the ultimate result of such “people pleasing”, could be a wedding that feels like an uneasy compromise, and doesn’t even feel like your wedding. So, it’s important to keep other people’s opinions at arm’s length, in order to avoid this effect. 

Tidying up the background before your wedding photographer gets to work 

Your main wedding photos might not suffer from this problem quite so much. However, if you have arranged for a photographer to take snaps of you preparing for your wedding – for example, having the final touches made to your hair and makeup – you could be amazed by how much messiness ends up creeping into the images. 

We’re referring to things like bridesmaid robes being left on the floor, or an unsightly plastic carrier bag being left within shot. So, be sure to take the time to tidy up before your wedding photographer gets snapping, not least as this will save you from having to pay for later edits to the images to make them “presentable”. 

Taking care not to reveal too much about the wedding in advance 

Some of us are natural “oversharers”, or you may be at risk of getting just a bit too excited to share certain information about your wedding day, long before it arrives. 

The fact is, it can make a great positive difference if you are able to leave some aspects of your wedding as genuine surprises for attendees. It will add to the fun for them if, for example, they only find out at the event itself the exact identity of the band you have hired for your wedding, or what style of photobooth you will have there. 

Organising successful weddings in Gibraltar is, of course, all about both the big things and the small things. Having arranged thousands of weddings in the British Overseas Territory over the years, we know that as well as anyone here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings

So, when you want to be sure that your own nuptials in this part of the Iberian Peninsula will be “just right”, you should make sure you reach out to capable and proven professionals. You can contact us by email or phone today, and we will be pleased to discuss how we can assist with the planning of your sunny overseas destination wedding.


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