Inspired Beauty Med Spa Celebrates Recent Expansion

Posted by Marketer's Center on August 15th, 2023

MANLIUS, NEW YORK AUGUST 15, 2023 – Last month, Inspired Beauty Med Spacelebrated the grand opening of its third location in Black Mountain, North Carolina. WithestablishedpresencesinManliusandLiverpool,NewYork,thisexpansionsignifiesmorethanjust growth. It embodies a promise: to make beauty and wellness both accessible andinnovativeforeveryone.

Thejourneytothreelocationsisatestamenttocommunityandconnection.TheBlackMountainMed Spa, opened in July, complements the family of locations in Manlius and Liverpool, NewYork. This isn't just about opening new doors; it's an invitation for more people to discover thetransformative benefits of self-care in a place where beauty, wellness, and personalempowermentconverge.

InnovationisattheheartofInspiredBeautyMedSpa.FromthemagicofCryoskinfat-freezingto the gentle lift of HIFU and our luxurious facials, top-notch beauty and wellness treatmentsawait. Beyond following trends, there's an embraced philosophy of continuous learning andadaptation, ensuring care that's grounded in the latest medical research and delivered with atouchofluxury.

At Inspired Beauty Med Spa, health and beauty walk hand in hand. Treatments are crafted toenhance both appearance and an inner sense of wellness. Soothing massages during facialsandcalmingmindfulnesspracticescreateanurturingenvironment,allowingexplorationofthebeautifulconnectionbetweenbodyandsoul.

Success stories abound at Inspired Beauty Med Spa. A dedicated team of licensedaestheticians and technicians ensures precision, care, and adherence to the highest medicalstandards.It'smorethanaspa;it'sahavenwhereempowerment,confidence,andrejuvenationcometolife.Everyuniquebeautystorydeservescelebration.

Top services like Cryoskin, HIFU, and Facials are more than just treatments. They are specialexperiences,tailoredandcrafted.Whetherit'sbodycontouring,skinlifting,orafacialdesignedforspecificneeds,thecommitmenttosatisfactionandrejuvenationremainsunwavering.

An exclusive spa membership extends an invitation to a community that values self-care,wellness,andpersonalgrowth.Regularaccesstotopservices,discounts,andprioritybookingsmakeforaseamlessandrewardingexperience.

Open house events serve as gatherings for friends, both old and new, united by a passion forbeautyandwellness.Theseeventsfosterconnectionsandasenseofbelonging,emphasizingthecultureofbeautyandwellnesscultivatedatthespa.

Beauty treatments are just the beginning. The goal is to assist in the exploration of personalbeauty definitions in a safe, judgment-free, and friendly environment. From the moment ofarrivaltothecarereceived,everyaspectofInspiredBeautyMedSpaisdesignedtoupliftandguidethewellnessjourney.




“Med spas are popular, but what sets Inspired Beauty Med Spa apart isn't just innovativeservices. We thrive on building connections. Each individual client and their personal journeymatter. We're carving out a culture in our community, a safe space for clients to explore anddefinebeauty.It'saboutcommunity,individuality,andaninviting,calmingcelebrationofbeauty,”saysColleen,OwnerofInspiredBeautyMedSpa.

Inspired Beauty Med Spa, with locations in Manlius and Liverpool, New York, and the recentaddition in Black Mountain, North Carolina, promises exceptional care, convenience, andrejuvenation.Overseenbymedicalexperts,adiverserangeoftreatmentsisofferedinasettingthatsoothesanduplifts.


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