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Posted by John Smith on August 16th, 2023

What is it about our detector that makes you want to use it? What reason would you have to copy and paste your text into our free tool? Well, there are several reasons to use this AI generator detector, which we'll take a closer look at below. You can take any text written by yourself or someone else and scan it with the free chatGPT plagiarism detector, but let's see why it's a good thing. If you are in search of the best AI generated text detector, we suggest using

Lightning Speed Check:

No one should have to wait for a result when checking text through AI generated text checker. Our service is fast and effective, achieving AI content detection in less than a second. While you may find another AI detection tool for free, chances are it won't be as fast as ours.

Thanks to the speed of this service, you can see any sentence, paragraph, or general content that is likely to be artificial intelligence work almost instantly. It also shows a percentage that explains how much of the content has been written by a human and how much has been written by AI. This allows you to make any changes or, if it's the work of others, see how much effort they put into creating it.

This allows you to save time reviewing the text and searching for AI-written content yourself. At, our AI GPY detector is extremely fast and offers unprecedented accuracy.

Show your Professionalism:

There is so much that can be done with artificial intelligence today. You can create artwork, write song lyrics, and there are even digital currencies that work with a kind of AI setup. So, there was little doubt that human writers could draw on it and use it to construct text for posting online. However, it has also received quite a bit of negative criticism, because the content is not created by a person.

How can something be someone's original piece if it's machine-generated content? In 2023, we need to be better than this and show that we have writing experience. AI detector plagiarism can never be as rewarding and personal as something written from the heart and mind of a human being.

By using, you can show how professional you are with your typing skills. You can prove that not only did you build it yourself, but that there is not a shred of AI-generated text in your content.

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