Emsella- The Best Treatment for Incontinence

Posted by SEO solutions on August 16th, 2023

Incontinence, a prevalent health issue, disrupts everyday living. This disorder causes involuntary bladder or bowel leaks, which affects people's confidence and activity. In the case of women, factors such as age, childbirth, or the hormonal changes of menopause hurt the pelvic floor, generating, among others, the problem of urinary and fecal incontinence due to exertion or exercise, coughing, or sneezing!

The Urinary Incontinence Treatments that are usually recommended are Kegel exercises, electrotherapy, biofeedback, fractionated CO2 laser, surgical interventions, or pharmacotherapy. Fortunately, an Innovative treatment that improves the control and contraction capacity of the pelvic floor muscles has been found, namely Emsella, also known as the Kegel Throne, a device based on High-Intensity Focal Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM) and which represents a revolution in non-invasive treatment for incontinence, without the need to carry out previous or subsequent preparation or make rest.

What is the Emsella treatment for incontinence?

The Emsella Chair Treatment is a novel and leading non-invasive treatment for the pelvic floor muscles in case of urinary incontinence and intimate discomfort. It is a comfortable seat that employs electromagnetic energy to stimulate deep pelvic floor muscles without requiring you to remove your clothing. A single session with BTL Emsella produces thousands of supraphysiological Kegel-like contractions, allowing muscles to be exercised simply and without the need for intrusive scans or clothes removal.

By causing the contraction of the pelvic floor musculature, both voluntary and involuntary, it improves muscle tone, which, together with the aging of the patients, is a cause of the weakening of the pelvic floor that leads to incontinence.

What is Emsella used for?

Emsella reduces stress incontinence (that is, due to exercise, sudden movements, coughing...) in men and women. In addition, it tones the pelvic floor muscles, making it a perfect treatment for postpartum recovery, as well as prolapse prevention in women who do impact sports on the pelvic floor: running, Zumba, CrossFit, etc. Emsella's diverse use can also assist in Fecal Incontinence Treatment.

It can also treat chronic pelvic pain, and it is a great ally in the sexual re-education of the entire pelvic floor musculature, in women it improves painful sexual intercourse since it modulates muscle tone, not only tones it also relaxes the area where cases of vaginismus and in men it helps to increase erection time. That is why in many places, it is used as couples therapy to improve sexual relations. 

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