Know All About Geo-Targeted Advertising and Its Benefits

Posted by Singh91 on July 25th, 2016

Geo-targeting is a fantastic way to redirect your advertising efforts in a specific geographical location. It is crafted to target a specific market that may be located in a particular country, region, or city. It is the method of delivering geolocation based content to your website visitors. It helps in identifying the exact country, state or city of your visitors so that company can dynamically tailor their advertising methods to make it more meaningful to the visitor’s geolocation. Starbuck was the first brand to run a campaign that relied on consumers opting-in to receive relevant messages based on their location and other relevant data in 2010.

Companies should definitely try geo-targeting advertising if their targeted audiences are primarily smartphone users. Even if you notice a paramount increase in mobile purchases among your customers then also you can go for geo-targeting. Geo-targeting comes with a list of benefits so let’s take a look at few of them.

What is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting is basically the use of location-based data to reach more number of customers through mobile phones and via delivery of information, such as surveys, news, friendly reminders or shopping tips. Geo-targeting enables brands to measure the shopping patterns and product preferences of the customers according to their location, gender, and age. It allows data and information to be targeted to particular demographics. Geo-targeting also helps in enhancing sales to improve the overall business profits.  It also involves redirecting your visitor to specific pages of you website, depending on their geolocation.

Benefits of Geo-Targeting

  • Geo-targeting is much faster than traditional advertising because of its traditional nature. It is quite easy to get real-time feedback, and all these feedbacks allow companies to upgrade the budget of an on-going campaign that is performing well with the help of geo-targeting technique.
  • Geo-targeting helps the brand to engage with diverse regional culture by targeting by geography or region. It also help in crafting the most sophisticated testing that compares different promotions and offers in the same regions.  This also enables brands, retailers, and QSRs to target consumers on tablets, mobile phones, laptops based on their location.
  • Geo-targeting allows firms to run different campaigns in various geographical locations. You can serve your ads all across the world and can also vary the marketing according to the segment and audience that you approach.
  • With the help of geo-targeting, firms can easily send their coupons and offers via mobile based on a consumer’s location. You can also use geo-analysis to track your results and optimize campaigns based on state-specific results. The digital coupon also does not have the overhead expense associated with expired offers.
  • With the help of geo-targeting, the user can send their coupons and offers through mobile based on a consumer’s location. It does not have the overhead expense associated with expired offers and allows you to track your results and optimize campaigns based on state-specific results. Marketers can assign more money the best-performing regions and less money to the worst-performing locations.

Wrap Up

Targeting by geography is amazing tactic used by the company to enable a broad spectrum of religion-specific advertising.  So if you want to entice new customers, then geo-targeting is the best option. It is an amazing way to direct advertising efforts in a particular geographical location. This advertising can be personalized to target a particular market that may be located in a specific region, country or city. So pick a professional advertising agency that can make a geo targeted advertisements for your company.

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