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Posted by Maggie on July 25th, 2016

The Arc is an in-game area for you all on July 25. You can explore the three larger islands. Also you can claim your own island. It is really cool to have your own island. Do you get fully prepared for this new challenge? If you don’t have enough cheap RS 3 gold in your bank, come to RSorder.

The amount of uncharted islands:
According to Jagex, there will be billions of possible uncharted islands when you step into the Arc. You can only claim one for you. However, you will have chances to visit many of them. Look at the treasure chests, skilling resources or combat encounters on the Arc before you decide which island you would like to have. If you have decided to have the island, just stick a flag in it and it will become yours. If not, you can move on to the next island.
Having your own island forever is appealing and inspiring. But you should complete some miniquests at first. Meanwhile, the new T85 weapon will be gotten from the Arc Islands. Level 90 in Fishing, Hunter, Slayer or Woodcutting is needed if you would like to charter a ship to the Uncharted Isles. Whenever you are searching for cheapest RS gold for better exploration, we can offer you RuneScape 3 gold cheapest at any time.

Buy RS 3 gold cheap to get more from the Arc.
To be honest, exploring the Arc Islands have many advantages. Just list some of them:
1. Visit three larger islands: Waiko, Whale’s Maw and Aminishi. During the journey, you can train your Hunter and Fishing skills in Waiko; you can encounter spirit dragons in Aminishi; you can trade and gain brand new skills in Waiko.
2. You can claim your own island forever. Also, you will be able to explore thousands of islands in search of resources.
3. Get some awesome and useful, even unique weapons, such as new T85 weapon, life-sized Mizuyari weapon, etc.

Catch the chance for life-sized Mizuyari weapon:
For the life-sized Mizuyari weapon, you need take part in designing your own Arc Island activity. Make sure you send your design to Jagex before 23:59 BST on August 7th, 2016. This is the deadline! You have to apply your imagination, creation and patience to your work so that you can be the winner. Then you will be lucky to receive 3 months’ membership and the real-life version of the Mizuyari weapon.

Are you eager to explore the profitable Arc islands? It is necessary that you prepare enough cheap Runescape 3 gold in your bank before you accomplish the miniquests on uncharted islands.

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