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Posted by Parallel Support on July 25th, 2016

  1. Setting Parallels Desktop Network Printer

 With the help of experienced Parallels support team, you can turn it into an easy and convenient practice. If you delve into available procedures, you would come to know about more than one method to configure a printer based on your requirements and preferences.

Let’s take an easy and accurate procedure that can help you set up the network printer with the utmost accuracy. Keep in mind, some impending issues can take place while configuring the network printer. If anything goes wrong, visit Parallels support pageif Parallels printer not working.

Before we go for applying the techniques, there are some precautionary tasks that should be followed appropriately.

  • Check if the printer machine that you want to set up doesn’t have any technical issue.
  • Check the virtual machine configuration and make sure network adapter is configured accordingly.
  • Make sure the user account, which you will use to configure the network printer, is authorized to get an access to printer setup.

Read more at http://customerhelpsupport.tumblr.com/post/147928059587/800-961-1963-setting-parallels-desktop-network

2.  Set up Printing from Windows VM Using Mac OS Compatible Printers

When it comes to setting up printers in Windows ecosystem through virtual machines, the procedures are a little bit different from the one that you generally use to configure printer to a regular computer system.

Parallels is a virtual machine software program that allows you to run Windows applications on Mac platform. And this is why you need to be alert all the times when you want to use a Windows-based printer machine on Mac platform. As the Parallels help page outlines, it may cause some sorts of technical issues with some printers once you complete the procedure. But you should not get worried in any way as you can access a reliable tech support service for an instant solution. That’s why, if you need an instant support in case of any technical hurdle, dialParallels customer support phone numberif unable to convert postscript file Parallels.

If we talk about a certified tech solution, third-party technicians emerge as the most reliable one as they don’t involve any multi-layer procedures and offers the solutions in a real time. You better visit Parallels help pageif gettingParallels for Mac printing issues while taking the procedures further. Read more at https://customerhelpsupport.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/800-961-1963-set-up-printing-from-windows-vm-using-mac-os-compatible-printers/

3.  How to Share a Printer Between Parallels for Mac

If you need to either share or set up your Mac OS X printers with the Windows VM for your business requirements, then you are at right place. Here, the process to share a printer, which is connected to your Mac computer, with Windows virtual machine has got simplified through some easy steps. In addition, we will also go through some corrective options so as to ensure you have a better and quicken Parallels tech support solution, in case of any technical issue.

If you run a business, you cannot overlook the significance of network printer for your day-to-day business requirements. It is probably irrational to use USB-based printer for every user as you cannot make the best of such type of set up.

By default, your advanced Mac OS X printer is efficient enough to get shared with Windows virtual machine automatically. In case of any technical obstacle while trying to print documents, you have to simply go to through VM Configuration> Hardware>Print>Enable Add All Mac Printers.

For advanced overhaul, in case of serious issue, visit Parallels Desktop support page to let Parallels share windows printer with Mac. Let’s have a glance at the way how it works and how you can make the best of it. Read more at http://customerhelp.support/share-connected-mac-printer-with-parallels/

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