What are the installation requirements for CNC busbar bending machine?

Posted by bruce zhu on August 27th, 2023

What are the installation requirements for CNC busbar bending machine?

The topic I want to share with you today is what are the installation requirements for CNC busbar bending machine? I hope that through the following explanation, everyone can have a better understanding of this aspect!

Modular functional controllers will be used more: Modular functional controllers can be flexibly configured according to the different functional requirements of the stranding machine. Compared with PLC, it has the advantages of strong computing power, convenient communication, and low cost. , The control requirements of the stranding machine are relatively simple and fixed, which is very suitable for the use of modular combined controllers. Currently, PLC and CNC special controllers are mostly used in stranding machines.

There are electrical system and mechanical system inside the automatic wiring busbar bending machine. If the operator uses it improperly, it will be dangerous. Operators should carefully read the accompanying manual before operation, be familiar with the operation method, follow the operation process, and avoid incorrect operation to damage the busbar machine and cause work-related accidents. The following are the actions that operators are absolutely forbidden: which ones?

In the application process of the ring bus machine, it is also necessary for everyone to do a good job in general daily inspection and regular thorough inspection, so as to ensure the long-term normal use of the equipment. And for this kind of equipment, whether it is in daily inspection or in regular inspection, there are many other parts that need to be paid attention to and carefully inspected.

What are the installation requirements for CNC busbar processing machines? Therefore, in the design of the shearing station of the copper bar processing machine in this paper, in view of the deficiencies in the above aspects, major improvements have been made from the aspects of shearing method, tool structure, and formwork structure.

The CNC busbar punching and shearing machine is a computer-controlled high-efficiency and high-precision busbar processing equipment. The dedicated 3D design software for busbars is directly connected to the machine to realize programming automation. The operation is convenient and fast, and the processing shape of the copper rod is displayed in 3D. The design structure of the main and auxiliary clamps can effectively ensure the linearity of the workpiece running and the machining accuracy. The main and auxiliary clamps run synchronously, which improves the work efficiency. The clamp adopts hydraulic drive technology, which has compact structure, stable working performance, no noise, and no need to configure air source, which saves the cost of equipment use. The equipment has the function of automatically switching clamps without manual intervention.

Before the final agreement is reached, the supplier must provide various original data and maintenance data of the equipment. It is better to teach a man how to fish than to teach a man to fish. Through the study and understanding of these materials, the production capacity and design capacity of the factory can be understood. With a certain understanding, if the work in this area is neglected, many unnecessary troubles will be caused after the equipment is put into production. Because the random data of the program-controlled manufacturer's production company is affected by the design capability of the manufacturer, it is generally not very perfect. Some enterprises are relatively complete, but they will not provide relatively complete equipment information and maintenance information to mainland purchasing enterprises. What are the installation requirements for CNC bus processing machine?

Capability of cold forming process range. At present, the large-diameter spring coiling machine has a maximum specification of 20mm, =2000MPa, and a winding ratio of 5. The cold forming process of variable diameter or equal diameter material springs and eccentric springs still has limitations.

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