Key Steps in the Business Sale Process and How and M&A Firm Can Help You

Posted by Zuliana Dsouz on July 26th, 2016

Selling your business to someone is like letting go of something very personal for a greater good. Information is a key factor that matters a lot when it comes to understanding the Business Sale Process. At the same time, you also need to work upon coming up with an attractive and lucrative package to show to your potential buyer. So you must be thinking about the best strategy to pursue when it comes to selling your business and the following pointers shall help in understanding the what’s involved.  

1. Business Valuation:

Understanding the value of your business is the first step towards engaging a potential buyer. It is true that the true worth of any business is partly determined by the current value but it has a lot to do with its stability and potential future value. An M&A firm in NJ or NY can help you determine the value of your company by analyzing your financial statements, looking at the strengths and weaknesses, and comparing your company to similar companies and their selling prices.

2. Financial Presentation:

Proper presentation and interpretation of your financial statements is crucial. Many times adjustments need to be made to properly reflect the true value of a company.

3. Identifying Suitable Buyers:

There can be many different kinds of buyers including strategic buyers that are already in a similar business and may want to expand.  There are also Private Equity firms and individual investors that are always looking for good opportunities to invest in growing companies.  A reputable M&A firm in NY/NJ generally has access to large buyer pools.   

4. Negotiating:

A qualified M&A firm can help negotiate a good financial package while you can continue running your business.  Many times they deal with multiple parties until they identify the best buyer with the most favorable package.  

In conclusion, selling a company can be quite involved so it is important to approach it with open eyes and with the proper professional help.

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