Precautions for Garage Decoration

Posted by Alfred on August 29th, 2023

Nowadays, almost every household has a car, and a car needs a garage. Especially for single-family houses, it is necessary to build a garage by yourself. So, when renovating the garage, there are many issues that need to be considered.


Garage Decoration Precautions 1: Moisture-Proof

The first problem that needs to be solved in garage decoration is moisture-proof. Therefore, when choosing decoration materials, it is best to choose those materials with a better moisture-proof effect.

Usually, the floor of the garage is made of marble floor tiles, while the walls are made of wallpaper or paint, and the ceiling is better made of gypsum board. The moisture-proof effect of these materials is still relatively ideal.

Garage Decoration Precautions 2: Lighting

Another issue that needs to be addressed when decorating a garage is lighting. Some garages located in the basement need to use lighting equipment to solve the problem of not being able to improve lighting through doorways and window grilles. It is best to choose lamps with better brightness Toolstation Discount Code NHS.

In addition, items such as glass can also be used to increase the light in the garage by refracting light.

Garage Decoration Precautions 3: Air

Generally speaking, the garage is mostly stuffy and the ventilation is not ideal, so it is best to install ventilation equipment when decorating the garage. If you install an exhaust fan, you can ventilate your garage from time to time.

In addition, if space conditions permit, large potted plants can also be placed in the garage, which can effectively improve the air quality in the garage.

Garage Decoration Considerations 4: Wood

Some people like to use wood when decorating the garage, thinking that the original texture of wood makes people feel particularly comfortable.

However, it should be noted that the garage is not suitable for the use of wood decoration materials. After a long time, the wooden floor will be corroded, and it is prone to blackening and deformation. Therefore, it is best not to use wood materials to decorate the garage.

Garage Decoration Precautions 5: Height

There are certain requirements for the height of the garage. The height of the garage floor after decoration should not be lower than 2.5 meters, otherwise it will produce a sense of depression.

Secondly, because the garage is different from other spaces in the house, there are basically no windows to improve lighting in the garage, so once the height of the garage is too low, it will obviously make people feel depressed.

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Garage Functions And Vehicle Modifications

Today, the editor brings you "Need for Speed 20: Revenge" garage function and vehicle modification ④", hoping to be helpful to the majority of gamers.


  • PC

  • Need for Speed 20: Revenge

Performance Modification Options

In the game, players can increase the performance value of the vehicle by equipping Speed cards. Each car has a cylinder head, block, ECU, turbocharger, exhaust pipe, and gearbox, which can be equipped with Speed cards.  Best Products can understand Which products is more suitable for you.

The Speed card has three contents: grade, brand, and advantage

The number on the upper left of the card represents the Speed level. The Speed card level will affect the Lv level of the vehicle. The higher the level, the higher the horsepower and top speed of the vehicle.

The yellow icons below the cards represent Speed card strengths. There are a total of five advantages in the game, namely speed, acceleration, nitrogen, air time and braking. Each card can have three advantages at the same time.

The pattern on the upper right of the card represents the brand of the Speed card. There are five brands in the game: Americana, Outlaw, Outlaw, Nextech, and Carbon. Equipping three or six Speed cards of the same brand will give an ability bonus, which will be displayed in the bonus option of the vehicle.

Brand bonus: Americana=nitrogen+air, Outlaw=speed+nitrogen, Outlaw=acceleration+brake, Nextech=speed+brake, Carbon=acceleration+air.

Speed cards can be earned by winning races, in the store for cash, and in raffles with component tokens.

The number of Speed cards in the store is limited, and it will be refreshed every 30 minutes. The update will be prompted in the lower left corner.

Players can also click on the modification shop on the map to view the refresh countdown. The Speed cards sold in all modification stores are the same, just find one to buy after refreshing.

There is also a part token draw in the store to get Speed cards, where players can specify one option for brand, part, and benefit and then randomly draw parts for the other.

Each draw consumes 3 Parts Tokens. Parts tokens are mainly obtained by exchanging redundant Speed cards and Krypton gold container packs.

The level obtained by all Speed cards is affected by the player's level. The higher the player's level, the higher the level of the Speed card won and brushed out of the store.

The upper limit of the Speed card level is 18. In addition, when the Speed card is equipped on a car, it cannot be equipped on other cars. Therefore, after obtaining the Speed card, the player should pay attention to whether to equip the current vehicle. If you do not want to install it, send it to the garage Halfords Promo Codes NHS.

Players can choose the car to use according to the vehicle classification. Players can press and hold E to change the vehicle to adapt to the game when they enter the match point. So usually players can run the map with their favorite car.


  1. The game is good, but pay attention to the balance between work and rest!

  2. If you are a teenager, the editor here warns everyone not to be addicted to games

How to Change the Name of Garage Transfer

A garage generally refers to a place where people park their cars. How many developers issue invoices for storage rooms when handling garages.

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