AS400 System: A Journey from Classic to Present and Beyond

Posted by abel on August 31st, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of technology, some systems outlast our expectations, leaving an unforgettable mark on the business landscape.

One such renowned platform is the AS400, an IBM technology that has defied the odds, evolving and adapting to the growing needs of businesses.

In this article, we will traverse the amazing journey through the different phases of the AS400 iSeries Development experience, from its classic start to the dynamic present and the promising future.

Let’s unravel

  • What AS400 was at the time it got to existence?
  • What makes it relevant today?
  • What is the Future of AS400?

A Legacy of Innovation: AS400's Impactful Past

It started 3 decades ago, on June 21, 1988, IBM presented the Application System/400 widely known as AS/400 to the world. It was a redefined family of easy-to-use computers for small and medium-sized companies.

It connected hardware, operating system, and database management, a literal all-in-one solution for companies relying on different systems.

It offered easy integration, making it a suitable choice for companies seeking a one-stop, reliable choice for all.

Top Features of Old AS400:

  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Ideal For Various Workloads
  • Time-Tested Server Hardware
  • Seamless Integration Capabilities
  • Continuous Hardware Advancements
  • Backed By Modern Innovations and Advancements

Modern Marvel IBM iSeries AS400's Vibrant Present

In 2008, IBM renamed AS400 as IBM i, with 'I' standing for integrated and easy architecture.

IBM has always leveraged its long history to improve and develop record-breaking innovation. One of its strengths is reliability and stability making it ideal to handle mission-critical applications given its proven track record in providing constant service.

iSeries AS400 Solutions have demonstrated their ability to strive in the modern landscape.

IBM i embraces modern technology solutions such as cloud computing, hybrid cloud options, making it an all-in-one choice for businesses with special requirements, with a community of active users who offer amazing support and growth opportunities.

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Top features of IBM i AS400:

  • Cloud Ecosystem
  • Near 100% Uptime
  • Regular Feature Updates
  • Super Powerful Processors
  • Reliable Integrated Database
  • Impressive Security Measures
  • Scalability for Business Growth
  • Modern Features for Businesses
  • Exceptional Performance and Stability
  • Compatibility with Legacy Technologies

Unleashing Potential: AS400's Promising Future 

In the era of futuristic technology, AS400 is long regarded as a reliable workhorse in the computing world.

IBM i has passed the test of time with its resilience and promises to remain a robust and reliable system. Its growing ability to smoothly integrate with modern services and applications, along with embracing open-source technologies has drawn the attention of the modern generation of developers.

IBM has always prioritized security, making it a reliable choice for medium and large-scale businesses seeking safety and reliability. As the IBM iSeries AS400 evolves, the company promises to stay relevant, and get along with the modern trends, including big data analytics, cloud computing, AI-ML, and more.

Top features for IBM i:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Regular Feature Updates
  • Best Security and Compliance
  • Scalability and Futureproofing
  • Dedicated Support for Emerging Technologies

Do you want to stay competitive in the modern-day business environment?

The qualified AS400 professionals provide you with the modern iSeries AS400 services to be future-ready without losing the current AS400 investment and making the most of IBM iSeries applications.

Final thoughts

Lastly, the AS400 system has come a long way and it continues to promise a thriving future. It promises to stay up-to-date, scalable, relevant, and stable, ensuring businesses a reliable hand in the vastly evolving technological landscape.

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