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We've celebrity Lindsay Lohan (who recently has been feuding with the rock) executes Minor deal loaded into the scene of mobile games. Kanye own wife Kim, and only pulled in more than $ 85 million of its mobile gaming, so Kanye certainly saw the possibility of immediate profit. Compared with the Olympic light and superficial publicly issued by Lohan and Kardashian, a source of inspiration for the game West seems to be very serious, or is it just an opportunity to pull a few million dollars. Kanye wrote many songs for his mother and got very close relationship with the song her.The also has a very nice music video, Cheap FFXIV Gil directed by Spike Jonze pull inspiration. While the community seems to be divided into lovers and haters Kanye Kanye, it is possible that RuneScape players may want to keep an eye on this one, regardless of which side of the fence they are on. Once this has been confirmed by the developer and publisher, we will be able to accurately quality game.Are Are you looking forward to the game Kanye or do you think it will be a waste of time? Let us know in comments.There even name or official version of the video game Kanye and history.

DICE is called 'battleground' Runescape players, to help build a new map for the 'Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4 saw a roller coaster in the life cycle, with a few ups and downs. After running hard, bones developer and publisher Electronic Arts is working tirelessly to recover from a stumble. Unfortunately, Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil the continued problems caused by many in the community to fight the loss of confidence in the ankle and EA.But developer does not seem to be losing hope of restoring his reputation among players scape. Last year, the group came out environmental studies, which gave Battlefield 4 RuneScape players more opportunities to find and report bugs and problems in the game. It is also intended to test new features without having to pay supplements unwanted or broken to Battlefield whole community community.While environmental testing and is not completely determined the bones and reputation EA can open the door for them to get more public participation, which is a battlefield Runescape players have wanted for a long time. Even with the upcoming fight militants, DICE continues to work closely with Runescape players to enhance their experience of battle 4. Place and just yesterday, the team announced the dice will work with members Battlefield 4 Premium to create and test a new map Video Army shooter.In up creative Director DICE LA, Thomas Anderson, shared information about the project from the design community map we are very excited to work together, especially our users, take a map from the concept to the final, Cheap FF14 Gil and then release it for yourself, when you do this. We'll start with a blank canvas and you and we will cooperate with all the natural stages of the development cycle. This is something we are very excited, because it's not something we've done before, and I can not wait to see how it turns out.

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