The Best Ways to Decorate Your Home with Led Strip Lights

Posted by Heiwhite on September 2nd, 2023

Perhaps your home needs a makeover, but you don’t have the space for large fixtures. Or maybe you want something that is flexible, so you can place them anywhere. LED strip lights are an ideal solution.

Using LED strip lights around your home, including outdoors, can give you a contemporary and trendy aesthetic.

Here are 20 creative ways to use led strip lights in your home.


Instead of using a traditional light source, you can use dmx led strip lights to illuminate your entryway. This is a great way to add some ambiance to any room.

The kitchen

Adding LED strip lights along your cabinets and countertops can make your kitchen look more spacious and modern, while also creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for entertaining family and friends. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it must be well lit and welcoming.

The ceiling

LED strips might seem like accent lighting, but they work wonders as ambient lighting too. They’re especially effective for avoiding typical ceiling bulbs or setting a statement piece above. You can add strips around the corners of your ceiling to provide a peaceful glow to light up the night. Alternatively, you can put up 3D ceiling panels and highlight them with strips. You’ll turn your ceiling into a sight all its own.

The bathroom

Bathrooms are known for being small, dark spaces that don't get much natural light during the day. You may want to consider installing LED strip lights along the walls of your bathroom instead of traditional lighting sources like overhead lights and standing lamps. You can choose from a variety of color temperature and brightness levels, as well as other features, to create just what you want at any given moment, whatever mood you want!

The stairs

Lighting your staircase with RGB LED strip lights under your stair panels or alongside the wall can create a practical yet modern look for your home.

If you want a classic look, use a bright white LED strip. A multicolor LED strip provides more variety. If you want your stairs to resemble an angelic pathway into your heavenly home, use blue and pink strips. If you want to light up dark staircases, yellow strip lighting is always a good option. The stairs will be accented and reimagined however you choose, regardless of what you decide.

The bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any house because it's where we spend most of our time sleeping and relaxing. It should be a place where we feel comfortable and safe. By incorporating led strip lights into the bedroom, you will achieve this. The lights can be added under the bed or behind furniture in a way that doesn't distract from the décor or furnishings in the room. They can also be used as accent lighting when placed on shelves or hung above tables or desks.

Lounge room

Install some of the best LED strip lights in your lounge room, strategically placing them along bulkheads and TV cabinets. It's the perfect place for you, your family, and your loved ones to gather.

Choosing color-changing strips will give your space a modern feel. Updating your space doesn't always mean replacing your current lighting fixtures.

Your lounge room's dark corners will be illuminated without being overbearing with LED strip lighting. They're also excellent for accentuating and emphasizing a room's dark corners.

Gaming zone

The importance of mood lighting is well known to gamers. While you don't want harsh bright whites as you play, you also don't want to squint in the dark while you play. With LED strip lights that can be adjusted in color and brightness throughout the night, you get all that, plus more, to match your game's vibe and further immerse you in the whole experience.

The garage

Some people use the garage as a workspace for handiwork, so you may wish to add some LED strips to some dimly lit sections of your garage to prevent accidents as well as to prevent loss of tools.

Garden and pool

While your garden and pool area may look great during the day, consider using LED lights to enhance some of your best landscaping at night.

You should make sure that your pool is well-lit as well. LED strip lights are some of the most water-safe and visually appealing ones on the market.

Marvelous Mirror

The next time your guests come to your house, they will be amazed! This chic idea can be easily installed. I am sure by now, you have already planned to install RGB LED strip lights on the back of your mirror, haven't you?

The bookshelf

You can add an LED strip to your bookshelves if you want to add a subtle touch of flair to your home. Whether your shelves showcase your enormous collection of books or a bunch of knickknacks and keepsakes on display among the volumes, you'll get a luminous glow with minimal effort.

The drawers

Our junk drawer could certainly use a little more light if it looks anything like ours. The LED light strips that Ikea makes are specifically designed for cabinets and bookshelves because they are low-heat. Motion sensor and timer would also be great additions, just like the fridge.

In conclusion

You should decorate your room with dmx led strip lights if you are really serious about doing so. These lighting strips are easily available in the market and they will surely rock your room. If you have them in your room, you will get many compliments. You can also save on electricity by using these led strip lights because they consume very little energy. Please feel free to contact us Hanron Lighting if you don't know which type of LED strip is best for your application.

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