Why Are Scissor Lifts Needed?

Posted by SEO solutions on September 5th, 2023

At construction and production sites, there is often a need to lift people to a height of 15-20 meters. This problem can be solved in several ways, for example, by using an elevator, a construction cradle, or a telescopic or mast lift. But most often, a Trailer Scissor Lift is used for such purposes. Why is preference given to this type of technology? The demand for such structures is due to their three main advantages: versatility, safety, and care for personnel.

Multi-functionality and variety of scissor lifts

The versatility and variety of designs make the scope of application of this technology quite wide. The most popular models of scissor lifts are available in the form of a table, trolley, and platforms (stationary and mobile).

Depending on their intended purpose, they can be divided into cargo, cargo-passenger, and work. According to the type of built-in engine, scissor lifts can be electric (autonomous or powered), diesel, gas, or combined.

If you are faced with any unique task, and existing types of lifts do not fully meet them, you can customize it with the help of additional accessories: tilting or turning platforms (for conveyor systems), retractable bridges, safety guards, etc. This way, the equipment will completely satisfy your needs. 

Device Security

Regardless of the type of hydraulic scissor lift and its design features, the main emphasis in manufacturing is on safety:

  • Safety guards will prevent accidental falls;
  • The emergency switch is capable of abruptly stopping the movement of the platforms at any time;
  • The emergency descent system will provide the opportunity to be at the bottom in a matter of seconds;
  • Protection against distortion not only serves as an additional means of safety but also contributes to comfortable movement;
  • Overload protection will prevent damage to the integrity of the structure.

Care for the health of staff

The use of Loading Bay Scissor Lift protects workers from the development of sciatica, hernia, sprains, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, and other ailments that can be caused by lifting weights on the site. In addition, the number of industrial injuries from falling from a height is reduced to almost zero.

The use of lifting tables on sites helps prevent finger tendon tension syndrome and reduces the risk of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (especially the back) in people who assemble or repair heavy equipment. Therefore, 2 Post Parking Lift is often used in auto repair shops and industrial workshops.

Lifting systems facilitate the performance of reloading work on warehouse sites, which eliminates the need for loaders to bend over to lift and lower heavy objects. In addition, hydraulic lifting mechanisms with cargo-passenger platforms eliminate the need to climb ladders and carry tools or construction materials, which minimizes the risk of a person or load falling. There are other advantages of scissor lifts that are revealed during the operation of the equipment at specific sites.

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