Tips on How to Explore Your Own Island Fast and Use Skills in Arc

Posted by Maggie on July 27th, 2016

The Arc has been launched on July 25. That is to say, you can explore the fantastic islands and find your own island from now on. Do you get fully prepared for this new challenge? Here some tips are provided for you about exploring your own island fast and fully using skills in Arc. If you don’t have enough RS 3 gold in your inventory to get the most from the Arc, RSorder is your first and best choice.

Ways to explore your own island
If you have earned enough chimes, you will be able to spend it on Supplies from the market in Waiko. Moreover, you are able to explore the Uncharted Isles by using enough supplies.
When you find an island and you like it, you can place a flag on it to claim that the island only belongs to yourself. Then, you can return to your island whenever you like. Definitely, you can choose one island with abundant useful resources or with your favorite shape.
Moreover, you can even add customization to your new island, including a fabulous hammock that you can use to change the time of day.

Tips of using skills on your island
The skills on the permanent islands are the lowest-tier for the Arc and help you get the initial chimes to have a journey to the uncharted isles. The top-tier resources are on the uncharted isles, but you will need to explore to find them.
Furthermore, it will cost you a one-off chime purchase at the reward shop to unlock a permanent bank in Waiko. It gives you strategic choices about where to spend your chimes. There's bank access on uncharted isles, and plenty of teleports to mainland banks available until you can afford that.

Are you eager to have a brilliant journey in the Arc and have your own islands? It is necessary that you have enough cheap RS 3 gold for sale in your bank before you accomplish the miniquests on uncharted islands.

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