Umrah Tips for Women: What to Pack and Expect

Posted by Muminah Tannous on September 8th, 2023

In Islam, women have equal rights just like men and others, whether it’s inheritance or to perform something. Well, it’s perfectly said that a lady’s work is never done. From caring for the family to Islamic rites and rituals, she has to care for them. One such Islamic rite is ‘Umrah’, which every Muslim wants to perform.

Umrah for women can be surprising or an opportunity in life. If you plan to go to Umrah as a woman, you should know many things (dos and don’ts). So, in this article, I will be going through some Umrah Tips for Women to make your journey smooth and successful.

Tips for Umrah for Women

Once you have decided to go to Umrah, whether alone, in an organized group, or with your family, here are some tips for women during Umrah you must be aware of:

Pack Modestly Umrah Clothing for Women:

Clothing is essential when staying or travelling to any other country. When it comes to clothes packing for women, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ihram is the first dress that you must have to pack. Remember, Islam has no specific rule for women’s Ihram attire. They can wear any modest and respectful dress, stitched or regular clothing. But, most Muslim ladies prefer to wear an Abaya (normally white or black colour), a traditional Islamic wear for the upper layer. So, don’t forget to pack an Abaya. You can buy from anywhere or in Saudi Arabia if you don’t have one.

Here are some other tips that a woman should keep in mind when packing for Umrah:

  • Pack loose and comfortable fitting clothes for better movements
  • A perfect Hijab and it’s caps
  • Don’t pack silk clothes, as these are not allowed in Umrah
  • As you have to dress in layers under an Abaya, pack according to the weather
  • Avoid any tight clothes when doing Umrah
  • Make sure not to wear brighter clothes in white colour
  • You can bring a large scarf or shawl to cover your head and shoulders
  • Always pack lightly for Umrah

Footwear for Ladies during Umrah:

Footwear is essential for anywhere for walking. When we talk about Umrah footwear, there are some different rules that a woman has to follow, unlike men. A lady is not allowed to expose her feet in the state of Ihram. The best is to wear shoes that do not expose their feet. While there’s a scholarly debate about wearing shoes for women during Umrah, you can be concerned with any scholar or agent before travelling for Umrah.

Packing some sets of socks according to weather conditions to cover your feet is recommended. Women can wear any comfortable shoes that are not very tight or loose. You can opt for sneakers, boots, closed shoes, etc. However, you can also wear sandals or a slip-on, but wearing socks with that is suggested.

Your Everyday Self-care Essentials:

Daily self-care products/items are necessary for everyday use. When you go to Umrah, don’t forget to carry a small bag pack for hygiene essentials. Just remember, you have to pack it lightly. Never include bulky items; pack only the Umrah essentials you may need. This includes shampoos, soaps, face wash, toothbrush, etc. Remember, bulky bag packs are not allowed in the Grand Mosque. How will you carry that? So, pack lightly and stay in hotels where you are staying for your personal and family’s use.

You may experience crowds and long queues:

The journey you are going for is no doubt Umrah. Millions of Muslims perform Umrah in one place, and there become long crowds. That place is the Grand Mosque, which becomes very crowded, especially during the peak seasons. A woman must mentally prepare herself for waiting in certain conditions in queues such as Tawaf and Sa’i. So don’t hesitate and perform the Umrah accordingly with your family and loved ones.

Take enough Supplies:

Supplies are some collections and additional packing you should take as a lady. You may face any uncertain conditions, so it would be best to be ready to avoid any problems. Recommended is to pack multiple outfits, as you may need them sometimes due to rain, sweat, etc. Be sure to check some other additional things that you may need.

If you are a woman travelling for Umrah with children, you must think more critically. Kids need additional wardrobes such as diapers, wipes, food and toys. Must pack that, and don’t forget to include some games and books to make your kids happy and comfortable in a new place. You will not have to run for the things if you have already.

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Umrah Traditions and Rules for Women

Islam promotes everything for men and women accordingly. There is a slight difference for women when talking about Umrah rules and traditions. By following the below points, you can make a timeless and meaningful experience:

  • Wearing stitched clothing
  • Best to trim nails before Umrah
  • Don’t use and apply Henna
  • Just speak lightly when reciting Talbiyah
  • Refrain from other cosmetics during Umrah
  • It’s suggested to have a bath for a pure feeling
  • A menstruated woman can’t perform Umrah (check this:-
  • It allowed a lady to expose her face and hands
  • Avoid wearing glittery, silky, and fancy clothes
  • Last but not least, using scented perfume is not permissible for a woman in the state of Ihram.

Final Thoughts

Umrah is one of the most beautiful pilgrimages in Islam. Taking care of this God’s gift is the responsibility of every Muslim. In addition, if you perform it with enough spirit, you will get more rewards. As a woman, more than preparation is required if you travel with children or family. You can make the most of your pilgrimage by following the tips discussed in this article.

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