Amazing Benefits of wheel chock for the users

Posted by Ergo Wheel Chock on July 27th, 2016

People driving trucks or heavy vehicles cannot do without Ergonomic Wheel Chock as it can be used for repairing or stopping the truck for maintenance. Authorities have made it mandatory for the trailers to have the device while docking or undocking. In the absence of any mechanical instruments, it can be extremely useful to balance the vehicles without much ado. It is made of steel and can be quickly installed in the front of the tires to put brakes on the rolling truck.

Accidental slippage:

One of the most important advantages of the Dock Chock is that it doesn’t allow the trailers to slip downward on the road. There are many instances when vehicles met with accidents as the brakes failed o jam the tires. In such cases chocks can be extremely useful for the owners. During loading and unloading of the goods, rear tires experience weight changes resulting in sudden motion. In order to prevent accidents, the devices are extremely handy as they are extremely easy to use.

Weather proof:

Chocks are weather proof and resistant to scratches. You can use them during torrid summer or winter season when the snow fall is in full bloom. In both conditions, the instrument works fine and can stop the movement of the trucks even when the ground is slippery. Apart from heavy vehicles even rail cars immensely benefit from the usage of the chocks.

How to use the Truck Chock:

It is vital to use the chocks in pairs if you do not know about the slope of the road. In addition, they should be connected to each other for providing better stability to the vehicles.

While using device, make sure that it doesn’t slip on the road. By following necessary guidelines, you can prevent accidents. Chocks are snuggled onto the tires however it is vital to toe the vehicle away from the oil or slippery surfaces.

Prior to applying the chocks always apply the parking brakes as they do not allow the movement of the vehicles. Devices should not be used in an improper manner or else it can lead to the loss of insurance, warranties and also compliances to the safety rules.

If the chocks are not used according to the stipulated instructions, they can get damaged.

Wheel chocks should be chosen according to the type and the size of the vehicle. A small device may not be suitable for the tires of the trailers.

Amazing features of the chock:

The device is equipped with wedges that do not allow the free movement of the tires. Since instrument consists of heavy duty fiber, it can easily withstand rough usage and any weather condition.

Chocks incorporate handles that can be used for easy installation.

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