How To Earn $65 Per Lead And $8 Per Adsense Click With A Simple Site Or Blog In The Multi Billion Dollar Credit Card Niche

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

There are some niche markets that you really have to participate in as a content publisher because of their pure potential for digital profits. I've been going on about markets such as investment, real estate and travel for a while because all of them have cash-rich prospects and offer multiple opportunities to earn from a mix of big-ticket affiliate programs, information products, Adsense & more.

I've been wanting to introduce this niche to you for awhile. Why? Because yes it returns over 8 million searches online every month, Adsense per click values get close to double figures and there are a mass of big-name affiliate programs to promote. But there's something even bigger.

The reason I believe it just HAS to form part of your product portfolio is the shocking pay per lead programs offered by certain big name companies which affords you the possibility of earning a whopping $65 per lead just for the prospect filling out an approved form. As pay per leads go, this is the holy grail and I'll tell you exactly where to find this affiliate program in the download area.

Why The Credit Card Niche Is A Dream Come True For Content Publishers Around The World

It's estimated that the credit card business is worth $50 billion in the United States alone, and the total amount of credit card debt in America is over $800 billion. Those are staggering facts, and from the point of view of a content publisher you ought to be licking your lips in delight because we've already seen that over 8 million people a month search for "credit card" online. When there's that type of volume in terms of both prospects and pure cash changing hands, you can bet there's money to be made - and thanks to the internet even "Joe Blog" can get involved in a big way by owning a simple site or blog with targeted content & the right affiliated programs.

More facts? There are over 1.2 billion credit cards in circulation in the U.S. and almost 80% of individuals are deemed credit-worthy.

The thing is, credit card companies know that with the average U.S. household racking up an eye-popping $7,000 in credit card debt, the more sign-ups they get for their credit cards...the more money they make. It's a pure numbers game and each and every sign up means big money for them - not just as a one off but for years into the future.

You see, that's exactly why they'll throw around a lot of money to get these customers (and lots of it). That's why there's pay per click & pay per lead potential here that almost defies belief (and frankly it makes the internet marketing payouts seem like a sad joke). Let's review the potential briefly:

Pay Per Click Potential

Credit card companies are known to bid around the $4 to $8 per click mark on Adwords and even more on certain keywords. As a result, a simple content based credit card site/blog can make out like a bandit with Adsense & other contextual programs.

Pay Per Lead Potential

There are over one billion credit cards in circulation within the U.S. alone and credit card companies are thought to have scooped up a cool $50 billion in revenues from late fees and charges alone. It?s a pure numbers game for these companies?they know the more sign-ups they get, the more profits they?ll see. It?s a little like internet marketers and their mailing lists. The difference is that these multi-million dollar credit card companies will pay BIG to generate leads. To you and I, even $1 to generate a lead seems excessive, but to a major credit card company even $50 can be cost effective because the lifetime value of that lead can be thousands of dollars.

The potential with pay per lead and Adsense is strong to say the least.

Several bids on contextual (Adsense) advertising are at the $5, $8 even $10 mark while the credit card niche is possibly the strongest I?ve ever seen for pay per lead income. One major credit card company I?ve found pays a whopping $65 per application they receive from your referrals. The customer doesn?t have to buy anything so you can expect a far better conversion ratio than if you were trying to sell an affiliate program - yet the reward is higher than you?ll see as an affiliate from the majority of products out there. And we?re just at the starting point? my belief is that pay per lead will be a successful model for credit card companies to sign-up new cardholders in a way that can be traced. Surely, others will follow suit. To me, that?s really incredible and the PPL possibilities alone warrant a presence in this market.

So Now You Understand The Potential, How Can You Set-Up A Simple Content Website That Can Start Delivering Earnings Right Off The Bat?

set up a content blog or website with information that?s going to interest your prospects. Cover topics like:

- How credit cards work

- How to spot a good credit card deal

- Different features of the many credit cards on display

- Credit cards to suit different types of customer (eg student cards, reward cards etc)

- Balance transfers

?you get the jist. The best way to structure your site is to have each specific article on one page with 3 Adsense link units and of course the link to your pay per lead program so when your prospects do apply (and if they are targeted, many will) you?ll get $65 per application.

If you want to profit from niche marketing, you need to be in the right markets. It?s well worth your time setting up a presence in this niche ? the rewards speak for themselves.

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