Strategies for Identifying and Hiring the Best Salesforce Developer

Posted by CRMJetty on September 12th, 2023

Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRMs that you can find in the whole world. Almost all business owners know about it as it offers greater flexibility, customization, and automation. However, if you want to use Salesforce in your business, looking for a specialist responsible for all these things becomes essential.

But to hire dedicated Salesforce developer for a company takes a lot of work. A developer has to consider several duties and responsibilities to benefit the company. But what are the major roles of a Salesforce developer? What strategies should they consider? You will learn about everything here.

Key Salesforce Roles 

  • Administration (a person who is in charge of running the CRM) 
  • Developer (customizes and crafts the CRM according to the necessities of the company and its business specifics) 
  • App Builder (helps in building different applications)
  • Specialists (include Pardot specialists, Salesforce Marketing specialists, and CPQ specialists)
  • Architect (develops technology strategies for ecosystem building)
  • Consultant (primarily oversees and provides advice on issues relating to the Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Service Cloud; occasionally, it also deals with employee training)

While looking for an ideal candidate for the job of Salesforce developer, it is necessary first to be specific about what you need from them. 

Strategies While Looking for the Best Salesforce Developer

Define your Requirements

Define your project needs precisely before you begin looking for a Salesforce developer. Decide what exact abilities, knowledge, and credentials you require in a Salesforce developer.  Think about the Salesforce functionalities and products you need to be knowledgeable about, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or bespoke Salesforce platform development.

Craft an Effective Job Description 

Make a thorough job description for the Salesforce developer role that details the duties, necessary abilities, and requirements. You need to list the kinds of projects they will be working on, any other technologies or integrations they need to be familiar with, and any Salesforce certifications or expertise they should have. 

It is essential to include details about your business, the group they'll be working with, and any particular demands or preferences you may have.

Post Advertisements Regarding Job

Post job openings on a wide range of websites and social media outlets. Popular choices include employment boards, business networking websites, communities and forums dedicated specifically to Salesforce, and social media groups. To recruit skilled Salesforce developers, be precise about the position and its prerequisites.

Review Portfolios and Resumes

Examine the candidates' resumes and portfolios after you start receiving applications. Look for applicable Salesforce development experience and knowledge of Apex (Salesforce's programming language), Lightning Web Components (LWC), Visualforce, and any other frameworks or technologies unique to Salesforce. 

Paying attention to their credentials and any prestigious projects they have worked on is essential. The candidates who satisfy your initial requirements should be shortlisted.

Conduct Technical Interviews

Set up technical interviews with the candidates who made the shortlist to evaluate their Salesforce development abilities. Create a list of technical questions covering subjects like Salesforce security, Apex programming, data modeling, integration strategies, and declarative development (using point-and-click tools). 

You might also consider a coding challenge or a hands-on activity so you can get access to their coding skills and problem-solving abilities within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Get Access to their Soft Skills and Cultural Fit

Evaluating technical skills is a cultural fit, and soft skills are essential. Still, you should also consider a candidate's aptitude for teamwork, problem-solving methods, and adaptability. 

You should examine their capacity to comprehend business requirements, work with stakeholders, and offer efficient Salesforce platform solutions. For harmony in the workplace, there needs to be a cultural match.

Check References

Ask for references from the prior employers or clients of the best candidates. You can learn more about the candidate's reliability, work ethic, and general performance by contacting these references. You can check the credentials of candidates and determine whether they would work well with your team using this stage.

How Can You Find the Right Salesforce Developer?

While looking for a Salesforce developer, it becomes essential to review everything. There are several platforms from where you can find the right person. The most popular places where you can look for Salesforce developers are-

Freelancing Platform

There are several freelancing platforms where you can find the best developers ready to work for you. They are a catalog of candidates that will be based on your needs. However, while looking for a person here on a freelancing platform, the person will not be fully committed to your company. Once they finish the project, they will move to the next client. 


If you have a solid IT team, asking them directly for referrals is better. If you get involved in the recruitment process, you will have to follow a rigorous process that includes creating job ads, posting them, and recruiting, but in this, you can directly hire them after an interview.

Social Media

Everything can be accomplished thanks to social media. You can check the applicant's credentials and message them directly on Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular tool used by recruiting agencies to find applicants and make them alluring employment offers.

Remote Recruitment Agencies

A company can also contact remote recruitment agencies that will bring the best of both worlds. Hiring workers who can work entirely from a remote location is known as remote recruitment. It's that easy! The nicest thing is that certain nations have more affordable living expenses.


You can easily hire a salesforce developer by following a simple process. Plus, you can even check out these platforms for a better response. From a pool of candidates, you can choose the one that has a more attractive portfolio and can benefit your company.

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