Summer Game Days in Lawndale

Posted by South Bay Yellow Cab on July 28th, 2016

Summers are fun days and all kids are in mood of playing and relaxing. Lawndale Public Library has come up with an exciting and fun event for kids and teens where they can come with their family and friends and enjoy playing some real fun games. The summer game event is scheduled on Saturday, July 23, 2016. The library is located at 14615, Burin Avenue, California 90260. The games will start at 1:00 PM. These indoor games will be played in the large family area and the teen area of the library.

Indoor Games are very much enjoyed by children and it is very healthy too. These improve their innovative skills and learning power. Various card games make them think strategically and take every move carefully by analyzing the results. They become more far sighted and sharp minded. It also develops a kind of team spirit in them. They learn how to handle win and defeat easily. Playing such games make them friendlier and improve their communication too.

Here children can play many types of board games like Uno, Chess, and much more. These will help them make friends and develop socially. Introvert children can benefit by getting more involved with other children of their age groups and learn to get rid of hesitation. They will develop social qualities and their emotional quotient will also improve. They will become better personalities as such games make them learn how to coordinate with people of different nature. Hence, if you want your children and teens to learn something good while having fun playing summer games then take them to library for this game event and you can take torrance taxi for a safe and comfortable ride to the event venue.

Children love to play video games and here they can enjoy playing video games also and that too not alone but with other children. Children play video games as they are action packed and some where they imagine themselves with in the game and if they play it with other children and their friends they enjoy it all the more. But playing video games should be monitored and here the children will be under strict supervision and will be allowed to play only play healthy and non violent video games. This way they will develop interest in such cool games too.

Lawndale Library is a community library run by volunteers. It organizes such family events regularly. The library also offers good books for children and adults. It has a large building with a meeting room, Children’s area, Family arena, Teen space, and study area. The community volunteers regularly support events at the library.

This event is also supported by the volunteers of the library and will be there to help your kids at everything. The safety aspect is taken care very well and bullying will not be tolerated at any cost. Kids and teens will be provided different board games, cards, video games and much more. Kids can bring their games also and with permission they can play that too. You should take your children to this fun event and if you want to save them from the afternoon sun and have a comfortable ride to the event venue you must take lawndale cab.

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