Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a fountain pen on a daily basis

Posted by michellumb55 on September 16th, 2023

If you're looking to make your everyday life easier, look no further than the humble Lamy Safari pen. Fountain pens provide many benefits over standard pens, which you can learn about here in this Fountain Pen Benefits guide. They help prevent writing mistakes and improve your concentration, they're very easy to use, and they are available in numerous styles, making them appealing to everyone! If you're looking to simplify your life and keep it that way, consider using fountain pens for everyday use today!

Writes Without Pressure

Fountain pens require less pressure to write than rollerball or ballpoint pens. That means that if you suffer from hand pain, you should consider switching to a fountain pen because it will reduce pressure on your joints.

More Ergonomic

For many people, using a Lamy Safari pen is more ergonomic than using other types of pens. They tend to write with greater precision and clarity than most other pens on the market. Because they require minimal pressure, they can be easier on your hand and wrist than ballpoint or rollerball pens. This means you won't tire as quickly when writing with them, which will allow you to work longer without tiring. All in all, you'll likely find that they are less strenuous to use throughout your day-to-day activities, including during meetings or classes.

More Durable

Fountain pens offer additional durability over other writing instruments, such as ballpoint and rollerball pens. The Fountain Pen Ink that's stored in these pens isn't stored in a cartridge or reservoir that needs to be replaced—it's stored in an internal tank that can typically last for several months. If you fill your pen with water-based ink, it also means you don't have to worry about leaks and spills like you would with traditional ballpoint and rollerball pens. Fountain pens are made from high-quality materials, and they don't tend to break down over time as other writing instruments do. Upon finding one that suits your needs, you should be able to use it for several years without problem.

More Pleasant Writing Experience

Fountain pens offer a more pleasant writing experience than regular pens. The main reason is that they're easier to use and carry, even if you always carry them in your pocket or bag. If you want to write anywhere at any time, there's no better option than a fountain pen. That's why many people call them everyday pens. They don't need cartridges because their ink supply (reservoir) is self-contained within. All you have to do is fill it up with your favorite ink before using it and enjoy its smooth-flowing action as you write. Their ergonomic design also makes writing easy on your hand, even if you have arthritis or tend to suffer from a repetitive stress injury.

More Fun

Because fountain pens are much more enjoyable to use, you're much more likely to use them regularly. Because it's fun to write with a fountain pen, you'll find yourself writing much more often. That means your handwriting will improve, and you'll have a great collection of notes in no time at all. At first, buying an expensive fountain pen might not seem practical because ink refills can be costly too—however, if you take good care of your pen and use Fountain Pen Ink that is easy on your hand, then it's not only fun but also beneficial! Once you get started, it doesn't take long before using your fountain pen daily becomes second nature. And once that happens? Well... you're hooked.

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