Need For Facial Surgery in Savage and Eagan, MN

Posted by dakotavalley-oms on September 17th, 2023

 Surgery becomes essential for a lot of reasons. Visiting a dentist for toothache and other problems is even more common. One needs to contact a Maxillofacial surgeon when there is a need for corrective procedures related to the mouth, oral cavity, and jaw. Often referred to as facial surgery in Savage and Eagan, MN, this procedure becomes essential to address various facial injuries and corresponding wounds.

It may be a good idea to read up on this type of surgery before fixing an appointment with the surgeon. Interestingly, this is a specialized surgery that addresses pre-existing defects and corrects injuries to the face, neck, and jaw, along with the oral cavity. The problems eliminated by such surgeons may include the following:-

· Defects/damages in the jaw and lower half of the face

· Damages to the palate (roof of the mouth)

· Teeth

Reasons for undergoing Maxillofacial surgery

There are varied reasons for the surgery. The decision should be left to the experienced dental professional who would be well-informed about the right procedure to follow. It is also important to remember that each patient is different, and the treatment will not be identical even when the complaints are similar. A surgeon adept at oral cavity and jaw surgery will ensure the following when performing the process:

· Improve the functioning of the jaw or restore its functionality

· Relieve painful conditions, primarily when caused by an accident

· Address the torn tissues and correct the fractured bones to ensure the comfort and convenience of the patient

Surgery may also be done for secondary treatment. The maxillofacial surgeon will be qualified for the following:-

· Diagnoses of chronic pain

· Preparation of the designated area for implants and prostheses such as dentures

· Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth

· As a treatment for serious oral conditions

Jaw Problems Relieved By Maxillofacial Surgery

· Bone grafting

· Jaw reconstruction to eliminate overbite and underbite issues

· Addressing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders by surgically intervening in the spot where the lower jaw meets the skull

· Correction of facial trauma and grave injury to the jaw and mouth

While the reasons mentioned above are the most common, surgery may also be required to correct the following as well:

· Congenital abnormalities such as a cleft palate and/or cleft lip

· Diagnosis and removal of cysts and tumors

· Removing some part of the affected tissue or biopsy to ensure cancer and benign tumors growing in the jaw, mouth, and neck

· Investigating the reasons for chronic facial and jaw pain

· Treatment of facial trauma with damaged tissue and facial bone fractures being corrected via restoration and reconstruction

One must not endure intense pain or deformity following facial trauma or congenital disabilities. Opting for facial surgery in Savage and Eagan, MN, as advised by a maxillofacial surgeon, can help to relieve the pain, improve the function, and restore the appearance within a few weeks. 

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