Who Requires The EM 385-1-1 Training?

Posted by oshaprosusa on September 19th, 2023

Going down into the depths of the earth is a condition that evokes fear and a sense of dread. Many individuals take up mining as a profession, too. It is essential to know that miners are utilized in multiple industries and can be of different types based on the core responsibilities and kind of work required. Whatever the motivation, all miners must be well-protected and remain safe from physical harm. All safety organizations recommend MSHA surface training for surface miners and construction workers who must toil in Part 46 mines.

The MSHA specializes in safety regulations related to mining operations. Dedicated OSHA professionals are qualified to provide this kind of training to the right workforce as well. There is no argument or superiority between professionals of either organization. It is helpful to learn that MSHA standards prevail for miners, but the OSHA regulations are applicable when face to face with hazards not covered by the MSHA.

What kind of workers need the training?

It is surprising to know that this training is not limited to miners only. On the contrary, it applies to all individuals exposed to similar hazards as that observed within a mine. A person who comes face to face with the dangers for a long time i.e., five consecutive days, or is exposed to it regularly, has to be trained in safety precautions.

Types of Training

The training is divided into two distinct categories, with the names derived from the parts of Title 30 of the Federal Code.

· MSHA Part 46- This is meant for surface mining operations and applicable to workers being exposed to hazards during Sand, Stone, Gravel, Limestone, Crushed Stone, Shell Dredging, Clay, and Colloidal Phosphate Mining.

· MSHA Part 48 - This part is dedicated to underground mining operations. It relates to workers exposed to hazards during all sorts of mining operations that are not mentioned in Part 46.

Training Details

It is essential to connect with an organization that has a long-standing record of providing this type of training. It is the employer's onus to be fully convinced about the efficacy of OSHA training courses and/or MSHA training courses, along with a host of other training courses that perfectly address workplace safety.

· The New Miner Training Part 46 may be completed within 8 hours. The modules provide information to the new miners about working in a Part 46 mine. Moreover, the newly hired miners are expected to take the 16-hour occupational health & safety training the employer often provides.

· The supervisors and contractors working in the surface mines and other Part 46 mines must also take the training. Experienced miners can opt for an annual refresher course to remain abreast of the new regulations and protocols.

An individual keen to win a Government contract must be prepared by undergoing the EM 385-1-1 training well before the bidding commences.

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