The related technical principles of the parent line protection in the CNC busbar machine

Posted by bruce zhu on September 19th, 2023

Looking at the means of the United States in recent years, in addition to repeated warships and military planes to break into the South China Sea for harassment, and to teach many countries in the domain, there is no better substantial method. It is not difficult to find that China ’s construction in the South China Sea, especially the expansion of the naval strength and artificial island reef projects has not slowed down, and has increased. From this perspective, American policies and means have not achieved any effects, and even failed.

The operator is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the busbar machine. When the machine tool fails, the operator should pay attention to retaining the scene and truthfully explain to the maintenance personnel before and after the failure, in order to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of the failure, and timely eliminate it. In addition, the bus processing machine should not be sealed for a long time. After purchasing the parent line processing machine, it must be fully used, especially the first year of putting in use, so that the weak links that are prone to faults are exposed as soon as possible, and they can be eliminated during the warranty period. When there is no processing task, the bus processing machine must also be powered on regularly. Do not cause the moisture, and at the same time, the battery alarm can be found in time to prevent the loss of system software and parameters. Related technical principles of the parent line protection in CNC bus processing machine

Taking a tensioner with a diameter of 0.06 ~ 0.13mm as an example, this tension has 2 adjustment nuts, adjusting the nut 1 and the adjustment of the nut, the tension range of 0 to 5, and the range of tension is 20 ~ 130g, where each of which The tension value is about 26g (reference value). Tort the tension value of the right will become larger; on the contrary, the tension tension value of the left will become smaller.

The main reason for the related technical principles of the parent line protection in the CNC bus processing machine is that the use of the parent machine is poor, which exceeds the technical parameters of the manufacturer's specifications; the choice of incorrect selection of lubricating oil will also cause heat and oil leakage. ; In our company's actual maintenance, I have encountered a column of the reducer failure due to the user's unauthorized change of the speed of the spindle motor. Generally, the input speed of the reducer must not exceed 1000 rpm. When the bus is out of the factory, the manufacturer has made debugging, and the internal parameters cannot be modified at will; at the same time, try to choose high -quality lubricant and additives in future maintenance. Snile tooth reducer generally use 220#gear oil. It stipulates that the sealing ring can keep the sealing ring soft and elastic, and effectively reduce lubricating oil leakage.

Nowadays, the manufacturers of piercing machinery in my country are trying to continue to innovate, so its development prospects are very broad. Faced with the popularity of customers in the market, this is also moving towards maturity and improvement. Our company has also developed and produced automated tie machines, making it the most development potential in the tie market. Equipment.

Many people know that the use of the parent wire machine is used to wrap all types of coils. Its composition parts are divided into many types, with mechanical, electrical systems, electronic control and other functional components. Let me talk about the basic structure and their functions of the parent machine. Related technical principles of the parent line protection in CNC bus processing machine

Let ’s analyze the reasons why the lacquer bags appear“ multi -line ”. Most of this situation occurs in the process of users in the parent line. Because the tension was not controlled, under the influence of inertia, the coil on the top collapsed, pressed the thread head below, and then the line head was pressed by the thread head and caused the original random line.

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