Same Day Dentures: Smile Brighter in Just One Visit

Posted by Diane Smith on September 19th, 2023

Same day dentures Corbin KYare dentures that are placed immediately after your teeth have been pulled. Same day dentures, sometimes known as 'instant dentures,' are fitted into the mouth immediately after a tooth extraction. They can thus provide a significant boost in confidence for persons who are missing natural teeth. These dentures are used to repair the gaps caused by the removal or loss of one or more teeth.

These dentures are also utilized by persons who have lost their teeth and require a new denture within 24 hours. Same day dentures can provide some excellent benefits, allowing patients suffering tooth extractions to boost their confidence and avoid going weeks (or even months) without replacement teeth.

What Is the Same-Day Denture Procedure?

For those receiving same-day dentures following an extraction, a dentist or dental technician will take imprints of the teeth using a mould beforehand. The dentures are then constructed from this impression and are ready to be implanted as soon as feasible and on the same day as the extraction. As soon as the teeth are extracted, the custom-made denture will be fitted over the gums, allowing the gum tissue to heal while the denture sits in the mouth, covering the holes otherwise left behind.

This can take several months to heal, during which time you will need to return to the clinic for check-ups for denture relining.Having same-day dentures relined can assist to ensure that they stay well fitted, which will extend their lifetime and overall longevity. When the healing process is complete, the dentures are often changed the same day with a brand-new set that is supposed to appear and fit better than the prior set. Some folks may choose implants or a more permanent set of teeth at this point in the process.

Do I Need Same-Day Dentures?

Same-day dentures have numerous advantages and are frequently used as a temporary treatment. For example, if someone need dentures in Manchester on short notice before returning home to another city, they may seek to have dentures fitted locally before returning home to locate a more permanent replacement. However, as with any therapy or process involving the potential removal and replacement of teeth, there are some concerns to consider before proceeding with this dental treatment. Aside from the obvious visual benefits, same day dentures Corbin KY allow people to continue living their normal life by avoiding speech and feeding problems that are prevalent with tooth loss.

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