Potential Health Benefits of Phytosterol

Posted by SkyeKely on September 19th, 2023

Phytosterols, also known as plant sterols or stanol esters, are compounds that are found in almost all plant-based foods, with plant oils, nuts and olive oil carrying the compound in the highest concentrations. The structure of the compound resembles a lot to that of cholesterol found in human beings. What’s surprising is that these compounds are well known to lower the “bad” cholesterol in the body, excess of which leads to blocked arteries.  
This blog explores some of the lesser-known health benefits of phytosterol that you might not be aware of. Keep reading on to know more.  
Reduces Cholesterol in the Body 
As discussed above, phytosterols are known to lower the amount of cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) in the body. They do so by actively competing with cholesterol compounds for absorption in the intestines. 
While phytosterols are abundantly available in fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese and whole grains, you can also consume the compound as dietary supplements sold by various phytosterol manufacturers in India
Increases Heart Health Performance  
Another amazing health benefit of the plant-based compound is that it contributes to improving blood vessel function, thus enhancing overall heart health. These compounds enhance the flexibility and responsiveness of blood vessels, potentially lowering the risk of plaque buildup in the vessels.  
Recent studies have also provided evidence that phytosterols possess anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing systemic inflammation. Furthermore, some studies also suggest that phytosterols might also help reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, incorporating phytosterol-rich foods or supplements from phytosterol suppliers can aid in the overall well-being of the heart.  
It Has Potential Cancer Protection Effects  
While research has yet to fully confirm the cancer-prevention effects of phytosterol, several studies have shown signs that the compound might have a role in protection against cancer. Since these plant-based compounds possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they might help mitigate the growth of various forms of cancer cells in the body.  
Summing It Up  
While natural phytosterol in the form of a rich plant-based diet would suffice for the phytosterol requirements in the body, phytosterol manufacturers also suggest consuming the compound as supplements to support better cardiovascular health.

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