Portable bus processing machine manual (Yunnan CNC bus bending machine manufacturer)

Posted by bruce zhu on September 19th, 2023

Do you know the busbar machine, right? It is a device that surrounds the line -like objects to a specific workpiece, which is usually used for copper wires; then the following information is to detail the editor with you:

When the portfolio machining machine manual system is connected to the place, because the fineness and phase of the line voltage are unchanged (still symmetrical), and the system insulation is described as a line voltage, so it is promised to run in the short -term operation without blocking the interception equipment, and then Improve power supply reliability. However, if one of them is connected, the other two relative ground voltage increases to the J3 times of the phase voltage, especially when intermittent arc grounding is grounded, and the ground voltage can be elevated to 5-0 times of the phase voltage. This overvoltage is very large for the safety of the system. When the small current connecting the land system seizures the above traces, the staff on duty should be calm and reported to the superiors in a timely manner. , Running measures and other conditions, judge problems. The substation (station) of the ground signal equipment is equipped with the ground signal equipment. If the device is invested normally, the size of the problem is very simple. If the parent line signal is reported, there is also a ground signal on a certain line, and the problem points are mostly on this line. Essence If you only report the parent line signal, the problem can be on the bus and connecting device on this situation. Therefore, when dealing with the disposal, you should pay attention to the ground signal of the bus and a certain line, and you should check whether the equipment on the station on the site is constant.

In order to further improve production efficiency, the speed of the new type of bus is increased from 300rad/min to 500rad/min. The line mechanism is increased from a single head to two to three heads, that is, three coils can be around at the same time. At the same time, multi -line (up to 4) and winding; increase the radial pressure tight mechanism; perform tension independently for each storage disk, so that the winding wire is neatly arranged, the turbine is tight and uniform, and the current density is evenly distributed. At the same time, it is equipped with end -insulation opening mechanism and wire tension mechanism. The computer can set multiple parameters, which can make the coil winding and complete it once, which greatly improves the degree of automation and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

When replacing the blade and repair, the power is turned off and then replaced. The comprehensive coordination capacity of the reinforced straight machine can increase its overall function. The processed steel bars should be coded neatly. For factory prices for the disconnected steel bars bending machine, it must be cleaned. After processing, the gate is pulled off and the power is broken.

The greater the deformation generated after the mold thermal treatment of the mold. I hope that the above content can be helpful to you, and the signs of deformation will appear when using the bending machine mold. This rigid production is undoubtedly a hit. Portable bus processing machine manual

There are six holes (φ50) on the bending unit work table. When the bending work is performed flat, please use a special cover to seal it to avoid extending your hands and accidents.

The portable bus processor instructions have now entered a new era of change. From the past hydraulic plates to the current hydraulic CNC, it has evolved the period of about ten years. However, in this era, manufacturers want to stand in this market, and they are facing new problems and challenges.

Generally, the bearing method is soaked in kerosene for 5-10 minutes, pinching the inner ring with one hand, and the other hand rotating the outer ring, and the dry oil or rust of the bearing will fall. Then put the bearings into the relatively clean kerosene, wash it with a soft brush, wash the oil stain in the roller and the gap, then put it in the gasoline once, remove it on the clean paper. When washing the heart spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearing, the roller, the shelf, the inner ring and the outer ring should be removed and cleaned. The cleaning of the bearings on the shaft mainly relies on oil or oil spraying. It is easy to wash off the oil pollution and use gasoline before using gasoline. Spray oil and wash with gasoline. Be careful not to use sharp tool scraping bearing: hard oil or rust to avoid damaging the smoothness of the bearing scroll and the groove ring. Washed the bearing clean with clean cloth.

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