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Probate is a legal process that handles or deals with the property especially the assets and debts that have been left behind by the deceased. It is supervised by a court known as a probate court. The process includes aspects such as calculating the total amounts of assets owned by this individual, proving that a will exists and the property distributed to the people indicated in the will, paying all debts and choosing an executor. Probate begins immediately after a representative file a petition regarding the same.

A judge signs a form known as a letter of administration confirming that the person holding it has legal authority to represent the estate. The form is mandatory as it is required by the bank before the funds are released. Usually, when a person lived in Los Angeles and dies without a valid trust, owning property of more than 0,000, then a probate is completed to transfer the assets to their heirs. Letters of administration are not required when the deceased owned property of less than 0,000 in assets.

To start a probate case in Los Angeles, there is a form filled which requires basic information about the deceased, and he/she must be living in L Los Angeles probate os Angeles when he/she died. It takes six months to several years to complete a probate. Some of the information filled in the form are the name of the representative and address, necessary information about the decedent where he lived, the publication of the probate, the estimated value of property owned, intestacy, heirs and appointment of personal representative. Once the form is fully filled its turned into the filling window.

The clearing notes are usually available for five days before the hearing date. Here the court may have some questions about the filled form and correction needed is indicated for the representative to correct and add any relevant information. When this is done, one completes a notice of hearing. People requesting for special notice must be sent a copy of the hearing notice and the hearing date.

The personal representative is again required to file another form after the order of probate is entered and letters issued. The form has information such as completing a form of inventory and appraisal, change in ownership and administration of the estate. It helps in the continuation of the probate process.

To close a probate, there is a final form filled to provide certain information such as completing and filing allowance or rejection of creditors claim. The claims considered here are all debts owed to the state of California, administrative expenses, wage claims, secured creditors and funeral and illness expenses. For final distribution purposes, a petitioner is filed, and the judge signs the order of delivery. Heirs or Beneficiaries signs that they have received either the property or anything they received. After everything has been distributed according to the order, the representative files an Ex parte for final discharge and order. This last stage is crucial as it is needed to close the estate. It removes the personal representative from his duties and liabilities.

The probate process is a necessary process which greatly helps one to acquire the assets that could either have been grabbed by strangers. It also helps one settle his debts in a legal manner.

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