Cleanroom Technological Aspects And Applications

Posted by Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd on September 21st, 2023

A clean and sanitized space is a mandatory aspect during the manufacturing of certain products especially with respect to sectors like pharmaceuticals and healthcare, electronics and semiconductor industry and so on. This prearrangement systematically done up significantly eradicates contamination and other microbial attacks, ensuring the product being manufactured well protected and free from any infection or chemical actions making the process of manufacturing safe and accurate. Going by the ideologies of building of cleanrooms, they are planned and engineered to specifically, monitor and maintain the environs of the particular location or room and limit the level of impurity caused by dust, airborne vapours and microbes, animal or plant fibers and various other biological threats.

Discussing about the technical insights in a cleanroom and the technological aspects involved in it and its construction and installation, basically a clean room is fitted with an air purification system, air curtains at the entrances, air-conditioning systems, and in some cases the locations will be fitted with sterilization devices so that the apparatus or the instruments that are to be used within the rooms are free from any sort of contamination. Likewise the applications of clean rooms although sector specific, play a vital role in various segments, and out of that the most critical ones are the sectors of life sciences and biotechnology. Food industry is one location where a cleanroom is inevitable.

In the recent years there have been a lot of additions in the sectors where automobile industry has been a significant one, since the contemporary vehicles comprises of electronic circuitry, semiconductors, processors and other allied components, they have to be obviously manufactured under extremely precise conditions, since any minute contamination by static, atmospheric moisture, room temperature will cause irreversible damage to the system as well as the end product. This apart, since the production of electronic parts, not only needs a cleanroom but also needs supporting products like coveralls, lab coats or aprons, antistatic wipes and a variety of permitted cleaning liquids and sanitizers.

In order to have cleanrooms of such high standards, the work of construction and the supply of the cleanroom equipment have to be entrusted to a well experienced and skilled organization. One such organization actively involved in this activity is the Airtech which is a prominent company that manufactures and supplies cleanroom, operating room equipment and biosafety level apparatus of international standards. Airtech Equipment started its operation in and around Singapore in the year 1984, now has emerged as a global supplier of cleanroom and bio safety equipment.

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