Umrah for the Solo Traveller

Posted by Muminah Tannous on September 22nd, 2023

Usually, Umrah is an act that Muslims perform with their families or in an organized group. It’s an act that should be performed with your loved ones and elderly people. However, there can be many situations when an individual wants to perform Umrah as a solo traveller.

Performing Umrah is a great blessing of Allah (SWT) whether it is done with family members or as a solo. It doesn’t just give you repentance from past sins but makes your life restart with fresh feelings.

Nowadays, Umrah can also be done as a solo traveller. So, in this article, we will talk about some tips for solo Umrah travellers to have a safe and meaningful pilgrimage. Read this whole article till the end to have some proper guidelines.

Plan your Umrah trip carefully:

Planning an Umrah trip is the first and essential step to performing a pilgrimage. Make your understanding level good and do your research. Once you have done a lot of research, it’s time to book your Umrah trip. It will include your Umrah flights, accommodation, transportation, etc. Remember, you have to tell your concerned authorized travel agent that you are a solo Umrah traveller. For better travelling tips, it’s recommended to make a travel itinerary for each day of the trip.

Be aware of your surroundings:

When travelling to another country, it is basic to require care of your environment. This tip isn't fair for solo travellers, but too for others who are travelling with companions or family individuals. When you are in another country, take some precautions to have a safe experience. No doubt, Umrah is a very crowded pilgrimage in Mecca, and millions of Muslims take part in that. In a few places, you've got to require care of yourself, counting avoiding pickpockets. Avoid walking alone in banned areas or at night, and ask for help from police officers.

Try to make friends and communicate with other pilgrims:

This is one of the best tips for Umrah solo travellers. To have a safe and enjoyable Umrah experience, try to communicate with other pilgrims if possible, make friends. You can do this by taking shared accommodation or joining a group tour. You can make your mind relax and perform your rituals of Umrah accurately by making other pilgrims your friends. Make the most of the Umrah experience and have some fun.

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Be respectful of the local customs of Saudi Arabia:

Local customs refer to the culture and traditions of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a fully restricted Islamic country, which means local cultures are essential. Tradition dressing includes an Abaya for women and a Thobe (or Jubbah) for men. But you can dress in any modest type. Muslims should follow the Islamic rules and guidelines as well.

Here are some additional tips for solo Umrah travellers:

  • Make your Umrah luggage lightly. Pack lightly and include just travel essentials or things that you need during your stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Take some emergency numbers from your travel consulate in case of any emergency.
  • Take any type of insurance if it becomes necessary.
  • Bring water bottles and snacks with you if you need them at the airport or during your flight.
  • Be patient and understanding and focus on your pilgrimage, make some friends.

Final Thoughts

Performing Umrah as a solo traveller can be a complex task, but it can be done to have a safe and meaningful experience. Always remember, your focus should be on pilgrimage, not the other things during your travel. I hope this article helps you a lot to have some extraordinary tips for your better pilgrimage experience.

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