Tips For Acorn Stairlift Maintenance in Philadelphia and Broomall, PA

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on September 22nd, 2023

The body tends to slow down with age, causing several mobility issues. While moving around at home may be done with the aid of a walking stick, navigating the stairs is impossible. Such a condition makes it imperative to invest in an escalator or stairlift. The latter is more cost-effective and supports aging in place. There are many brands available across the nation today. The prospective user is in no way limited by choice. The Acorn brand is one of the best brands offered by top dealers today. It is essential to understand that such a lift is a mechanical device and is prone to wear and tear. This makes it essential to ensure proper Acorn stairlift maintenance in Philadelphia and Broomall, PA, without missing the schedule.

The user is justifiably proud of the brand-new stairlift that adds to the aesthetics of one’s home apart from being functional. Keeping the pricey yet necessary device well-maintained and operational without glitches is not too much work. The first thing the user needs to do here is go through the Acorn stairlift manual carefully. This will keep the consumer educated about the dos and don’ts. Any wrong handling will never be done once the instructions are followed to a T. It would be foolhardy to neglect maintenance as well. One is welcome to ask the technician who is entrusted with the installation process. The doubts will likely fade once the functioning and quick fixes are checked and noted.

Some of the essential tips that need to be considered to improve the longevity of the Acorn stairlift are:-

· Track Cleaning- The manufacturer advises cleaning the loose dirt and dust off the tracks by running a clean cloth over the entire length. The assorted debris may be picked out and discarded as well. The clean track will facilitate smooth operation without any hiccups. The rack that holds the stairlift in place must be vacuumed regularly, too. This ensures a free and flawless ride without obstructions on the track or along the sides. Any potted plants or decorative items must be removed from the adjoining stairway and landing to prevent accidents. Moreover, the seat, foot, and armrest must be wiped clean before every use.

· Lubrication- This is a necessity that cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. The track must be lubricated after cleaning it of dirt and debris. Such an action will have the stairlift ride up and down smoothly with no interruptions or jerks. Regular lubrication will reduce the friction and ensure a perfect ascent and descent.

· Annual Inspection- The user may read the color codes when the stairlift is noisy or fails to start. The solution is usually simple and may be handled by the user. However, persistent problems need to be repaired by an experienced technician. It is always a good idea to schedule an annual inspection of the stairlift as a preventive measure.

When it is time to repair the device, the user must insist on professional stairlift service in King of Prussia and Doylestown, PA

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