The bus processing machine once again emphasizes safe operations

Posted by bruce zhu on September 22nd, 2023

 (which is the best for Sichuan CNC parent punching machine)

In the next few years, ultra -precision CNC busbar bending machine punching machines are developing towards precision, high -speed, intelligent, and nanomical to achieve the integration and standardization of the CNC bending machine system. Input and output interfaces, communication and other modules are made into standard series of products. CNC bending machines constitute different grades of CNC bending machine systems, and a new generation of Catalcap bending machine tools are converged.

The bus machining machine once again emphasizes that the plug and the power cord should be checked normally before using the safety operation. The power supply is connected to turn on the power switch (green/red off the red). When it is working normally, you do not need to turn off the switch. Please cut off the power when not working.

my country's economy is currently in the middle stage of industrialization. At this time, the economic characteristics of the heavy industry are the leading energy -consuming economy, the output economy of resource output, and the labor -intensive economy. Tightly associated.

The operating procedure is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the bus processing machine. The operator must operate according to the operating regulations. When the machine tool fails, the operator should pay attention to the retaining site and truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to facilitate the analysis and analysis. The cause of the diagnosis of faults is eliminated in time. In addition, the bus processing machine should not be sealed for a long time. After purchasing the homeline processing machine, it should be fully used, especially the first year of the use of it. It can be excluded during the warranty period. When there is no processing task, the bus processing machine must also be powered on regularly. It is best to power on power 1-2 times a week and run for about 1 hour each time. The humidity of the electronic components does not cause the moisture, and at the same time, it can also detect whether the battery alarm occurs in time to prevent the loss of the system software and parameters.

The pavement machine contains electrical systems and mechanical systems. If the operator is not used properly, it is dangerous. Therefore, the training of the foil winding machine and the bus operator is essential. During the production process, the operator must operate in a regular way. Before the operation, you should carefully read the random supporting manual, familiarize the operation method, follow the operation process, and abide by the operation process. Avoid incorrect operation damage foil winding machine and cause work injury accidents. The following is an absolutely prohibited behavior of the operator: the bus processing machine emphasizes safe operation again

The shear station of the copper row processor (patented design, imitation must blame): The knife strip is stable, the upper and lower shear are accurate, no waste, designing a knife strip-oriented groove, 3-12mm thick copper and aluminum row do not need to adjust the blade bar gap space without adjustment Items

The bus processing machine once again emphasizes the safe operation to step on the bending unit's pedal switch. The moving mold will move forward. During the advancement process, the foot switch will be released, the moving mold stops forward, stepped on the pedal switch again, and the movement will continue to move forward. The process will continue. The process will continue. In the middle of the need to move back, press the back button, the mold will be returned to the required position, the back button is released, and the mold will stop.

At present, the most widely used model is also known as the CNC automatic bus. It can be automatically arranged. With different mechanical structures, different winding requirements can be completed. With the CNC controller, some manufacturers use self -developed controllers as the control core. The CNC model is already a very mature model. Many manufacturers have made innovations and upgrades in terms of functions and uses. It is continuously extended. As the most widely used model in the market, the price of this model is much lower than the price of tens of thousands of yuan than the full automatic parent line. In the price, the disadvantage of the model is that a operator must be equipped. At present, the application of this model can be seen on some occasions such as ballasts and inductors.

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